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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Still swamped and fire fighting

Still swamped and fire fighting on 3 simultaneous projects to be delivered in December and unveiled (oh the mystery...yeye woman) soon. I am therefore unable to function beyond autopilot on anything else however I can still laugh at a good video and a cover story. My little brother sent this to remind me of why I used to punch him and this which is just cute.

Then there is this piece on Zanele, I admit I don't really understand what is sexy to the average Joe but I have always maintained that it is not size zero. Get a load of the rack on that chick, I want to see the red blooded male who will say no to all that milkshake, even I want me some (put your eyebrow down jo, its not what you think).


Eni + Anu said...

Oh gosh, that bird dance was hilarious!!!

And sexy is very relative joh! I think you're sexy because you're smart =)

Sherri said...

now, that's a set of knockers!
what d u want those for jare?
so they can have a life of their own?
oh! i know!
so u can slap all them nitwits silly with! lol.

Ms. Catwalq said...

Ehn, Aunty Funmi, so u used to push awon boys out the window in favour of Mr Denzel Washington?

I actually saw the cockatoo on The Late Show with Letterman. Thought it was bizarre. Animals are souls too. Why do we imagine that they do not get jiggy with it like we do. i mean...come on, there are "lil animals" running around....

Big boobs. Wrong top.
However, I am wondering what the reaction will be if it was a picture of a man in a speedo emphasising the clearly defined size of his....

Anonymous said...

sisi funmi,i m surprised u dig tha pix,i think it s an assault on woman hood

Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi! Sorry 2 be submitting this late. Too bad I'm using a slow internet connection so the YouTube videos are unwatchable (?) for now.
As 4 Zanelle, I agree with you 78% and I've even downloaded the pix! What better confirmation than that?