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Monday, December 03, 2007

JWC update

So far, we have only got one confirmed donation into the account and one western union transfer. There is a shipped consignment of toys and clothes for the kids, which is on the way here from modupe, more about that later. I know there are at least 3 bloggers who want to personally work to galvanize support from their immediate environment and donate to the centre. I have been trying to find the time to agree with them on a strategy for this. Actually, l feel they should just do what they feel is right and I can provide information and access.

I must stress that the desire to help with the JWC was a natural reaction of bloggers to the swimmers story, I have years of experience with unconventional interventions and I know that you cannot artificially create a tidal wave and still be true. With sincerity and concerted work, somewhere there will be a tipping point that will create the kind of resources and influence with which we can make much more far reaching changes in areas that directly affect our pools of intervention. All l can ask is that for now, we anchor our spirit around the truth of December, which is a month of unquestioned, intuitive giving.


Anonymous said...

I was going to give it to this but sometimes life takes its toll for us overseas too.

Its not like we dont mean well. I will have a look at the archives again and try and retrieve the account details and send in my modest contribution.

Ms. Catwalq said...

We shall do what we can. Many of mean well but can't do as well as we want...but we have not forgotten

LADYBRILLE.com said...

Hi Funmi, wanted to let you know this is at my top to do list and I am hoping it happens by next week. I spend so much time per week in court it's like I go to trial literally every week or I am in preparation for one. Like u, I don tire and I am doing a major restructuring b/c there is no way I want to be trying cases at the pace I was this year. I would just die! Anyway sha, yes this is at the forefront of my mind and I should get this wired into the account by next week.


Funmi Iyanda said...

@ all, people, it is not an indictment, l know how life can distract, just a consciousness of it suffice and l have no doubt you will get to it either for this project or any other one. l don't believe in instant solutions and ozugbo ozugbo results, if it is true and will last, it will need time.

Anonymous said...


Has anyone tried to give a donation using the bank details that Ms Iyanda gave.

I went to the bank today and tried to directly pay my donation into the FCMB account as I figured I had its IBAN and Account no. The cashier was as confused as I was and eventually I could not make the donation.

If anyone has been able to do this from London, can you give me a step by step guide how I actually go about the process. Thanks a lot!