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Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy days

It has been hectic days back here. FI has been super busy with world dom plans and Funmi's Favourites which has been taken her round some media houses and events.

For me, I'm going all the way to Delta State for my traditional wedding engagement this Friday

Here are some of the pictures at the events and media engagements.


FI & Terresa Essien of Channels TV

FI @ Communication for change seminar

FI with John Momoh (middle) @ Communication for change seminar

FI with Yori Folarin & Alero Edu of Channels TV Sunrise

FI on Today's woman with Adesuwa Onyenokwe
Monday, June 02, 2008

Find the caption

As you may have guessed, "mo ti fe pa ketekete" (I am intent on killing the donkey, reference; ebenezer obey classic song), l know l have to do something about my work obsession and I will, right after I finish this assignment;-). So I am crazy busy and traveling hence the inconsistent blogging. It's a phase and it will pass, in the meantime, lets play a little game. A mad colleague sent me these pictures with his own caption taking the mikey on xenophobes, mine is the next one, what will yours be?

now what does one do for this?

Xenophobic violence instigator

so, what does one do with this?

Rule of lull

Last week, government at state and federal levels marked the 1st year in office with various degrees of half truths, lies and bloody lies. As it tends to happen, the initial euphoria of getting rid of a problematic leader and attendant hope in the new as we grasp at straws of fairly good points and magnify these with evangelistic fervour has dissipated into despair as the much touted man of honesty and order goes in the mind and slangs of the populace from baba jeje (gentle father) to umoru go slow (sluggish umoru) and now umoru no go (non performing umoru). Yardua's rule of law government has become rule of lull as the ailing president makes no moves forward but reverses in painful to watch and hear epileptic fits. As he reverses many of Obasanjo's policies and "achievements", he neither has any viable replacement nor innovative new policies of his own.

As global oil prices rise (with our own little contributions and no gain) the country appears to be on autopilot as we all siddon look and life gets a little more stagnant, a little more fuzzy everyday. When will Mr. President wake up and start moving in a particular direction? As per the governors, the most outstanding one, to the best of my knowledge and deserving of a quick pat on the back and a call to keep working hard at it is Mr. Fashola in Lagos. The judiciary is also a beacon of hope in this literal darkness.

Are the xenophobic attacks a result of jealousy or what???? Can someone tell me now!!!