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Friday, November 16, 2007

Ban ban ban

Finally, the house has ordered NBC to ban the airing of any clip or any debate on the recently ended big brother Africa 2 on Nigerian airwaves. Apparently the house fancies itself to be the Supreme Military Ruling council which is its prerogative but such ill conceived knee jerk reaction negates the possibility of a robust in-depth investigation into whatever breach in best practises could have occurred and reveals shocking ignorance about how pay TV works as against free to air. More importantly it fails to address real challenges within the Nigerian media space, which encourages exploitation and abuse.

Have a great weekend. I am planning to vegetate on my couch watching classics from Tunde Kelani and Quentin Tarantino.


Anonymous said...

Please bring some Tunde Kelani for me if you are still coming in December ....

soul said...

Oh, that's okay...
You once asked how to use blogging as a tool.
Well here you go, another example of how social networks and New Media are used to facilitate discussion.

If someone closes off debate, you take it online.
The previous 'audience' are now the content providers as well as creators, editors and 'hosts' of the show.
The house might have ordered NBC to ban the airing of any clip or any debate on Nigerian airwaves, but youtube is not on Nigerian airwaves, neither is Google Video, or even google groups.

Funmi, there are more options to foster a debate or reach the masses than TV. Infact the global audience for TV is in decline, not necessarily in 'figure/number' wise. But more as the primary/first-choice source of viewing material.

Comrade said...

The House of Reps summoned NBC to explain why Multichoice was allowed to show the evil called Big Brother Africa. NBC replied - We warned them twice to stop showing this thing. This is similar to the IG of police being asked - Why are robberies so rampant and he replies - I don't understand these robbers again, I have warned them, yet they don't listen.
The House of Reps banned BBA clips on Thursday, Galaxy TV showed clips of the show at 2:00pm on Saturday

Funmi Iyanda said...

@soul, mai sista;-), l know all about the "decline" in TV and th power of push media, in fact l was partof the study group in Aspen on he emerging phenomenon 2 years ago. It is an area l am obviously and to some extent quietly exploring, however until computers into a majority of homes an power the computers, our most effective mean of communication remains, radio, TV and newspapers in that order. An interesting possibility is mobile phones which will become a reality one day soon. I am fascinated by the future and the possibilities that are opening up but the thing o do is to insist on due process and intelligent opposition to undue censorship on any platform at any time.