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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Keeping it in the family (nepotism? you get the name, I get the car)

Well since there is nothing sexy in the news other than the odd removal of shaki shaki governors and allegations of corruption, I might as well do this now that I may get away with it.

My immediate younger brother is one of those annoying siblings, a better version of you in every sense. He was always the prettier of the two, heck he was the prettiest of the lot (10) until the eye candy came along but that's another story. He is the nicer, funnier, more accommodating one. He is also the better journalist and if I didn’t love him so much, I’d hate him. One thing for sure, next time around, if I had a choice in the matter I would choose him all over again because my Mighty is the most loving, loyal and cool brother a girl could ask for. He would kill me for this but he's too nice besides I am the family bully. So here is Mighty's random reports on the media and entertainment.

No related, but this recent interview with pastor Paul Adefarasin may be of more than relative interest to you. Here are some excepts.


Anonymous said...

Sisi Funmi,

I had to edit this response several times - so much to say, and i fear e for long o!

Basically, thank you for asking the right questions. However, it didn't seem to me like he actually answered any of them.

Why is it these pastors do not preach about people's civic responsibilities as christians ALL THE TIME?Instead its always prosperity.

We are supposedly the most religious nation on earth, yet our land is filthy, our leaders are amongst the world's most corrupt (yet are given prominence in many religious institutions). Violence against women abounds, and pastors live flashy lives and build expensive private universities for personal profit, using tax free funds donated by their congregation, most of whom are struggling just to survive...

Abi how you see am?

Anonymous said...

MSMAK, Did you watch the interview at all. Pastor Paul adressed that.

Anonymous said...

Ha... Male chauvinism is well spoken for!


your brother is gorgeous!!!!! okay okay im going...

Sherri said...

i don't buy that submission crap either!
and i detest the obey part in the vows!

if God really wanted me to be that kind of woman, he wouldn't have given me a 1st class brain or prob no brain at all.

i like John G. Lakes 's interpretation:"salvation is not about getting a crown and a mansion in heaven but about service to mankind and about plainly showing the love of god to everyone we encounter in our daily lives. besides, i don't feel special about the mansion and the crown, the thief from calvary already has one!"

as for ur bro,
he didn't dissapoint..

Anonymous said...

I am a female and a christian one too. I think sometimes we all let sentiments cloud our judgements. The pastor's point were well articulated, if you don't agree with his stand(obviously religous in nature) on an issue that doesn't make it crap.

I think he explained the role of a christian wife, and clarified some misconceptions.

Great interview.!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go back to the BBA thing but i have just watched the footage. Rape is non - consensual. They both appeared to be intoxicated and although Richard found it hilarious and it was uncomfortable hearing his laughter, i repeat again they BOTH appeared to be intoxicated. She did not once refuse the act and she even participated.

The only issue here for legal purposes would be wether Richard was NOT intoxicated and took advantage of Ofunneka knowing she was not in control.

I am a criminal prosecutor (of Nigerian origin) and based on that footage alone i would not be able to charge Richard if it happened here. There would have to be other factors present such as her being drugged by him. Other than that, the case would be too weak.

Besides, being the "Nigerian person" that she is, she has claimed she wasn't raped. So that's the end of that then.

Kemi, London

Onibudo said...

What a load of codsw****** . Who wants a wife that submits to them . Marriage is trying enough and full of too many routines to have your partner become a walking mat. What kind of men or shall I say what kinds of males are we nurturing in that country that they need their wives to become their punching bags? For God sake why do we bring up our daughters to become wives rather than human beings who can choose to be wives or single (amongst many other relationship options)?

We keep on with this nonsense of contracting out our brains to Pastors or so called Men of God. Every person is a child of God, Jo!. I am truly tired of a nation of intelligent people never taking responsibility for their choices but hiding behind religion. Sisi me why were you so accepting eh? If it was me you would bite my head off? All that stuff about being vocational! Just pop psyche 101. Men are from Mars and Women from the Laundry stuff.

My view being married for a little while your partner has to be your worthy adversary from time to time, your best friend in other times and submission yes with restraints and black leather ( I jest). on the other hand perhaps this submission thing has a point because the submissive is usually the more powerful than the dominating partner (make of that what you can).

We need better, well thought out dialogue on the changing roles of men and women in our society and if the Church wants to maintain a role of influence and retain credibility it must start to move the substance of its message not just the spin with which it delivers. As for Mr Pastor of course he supports Tithing , i beg who does the flies follows if not the person with sores. I rest my case.

Sherri said...

sorry Funmi,
i have to respond jo!
@anon 11:41
it is a load crap! if it's used as an instrument of oppression!
i happen to be a christian woman too, and i liken bible doctrine regarding women to a wmd(weapon of mass destruction)
pastor paul happens to be one of the few i have some form of respect for. cos he seems to care for the larger society.however,it was insulting to hear him limit the role of a wife to that of supportive of her husband!

the bible says God is no respecter of persons and in him there's no female or male, how then is it not possible for God to give the female a vision to pursue and her husband as the supporter? or better yet a his and hers vision?

he bought her a washing machine? (a household appliance)
why can't she buy herself a washing machine? especially since she will be the one using it?
for that, i really can't blame him, most women can't vocalize their desires and often mask their inner pain with material goods leading some men to believe that buying something is the way to please a woman...
suffice to say,if my husband comes home with a washing maching i didn't pick out and it's not for bedroom use, the only thing getting washed will be his head!

thanks jare!
u're a gem!