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Friday, November 09, 2007


Spent the past few hours pimping my Mac, upgrading from 0S X Tiger to the OS X 10.5 leopard and adding iWork and iLife 08. Off course l intend to get the iphone but l am too squeamish about the ethics of owning one in Nigeria (as quite a few people do) because l know there must have been some magamago in the process of getting it working here.

Yes l admit it, my name is Funmi Iyanda and l am a Macoholic, Appoholic and Joboholic. I know I am an irritant who's bought into the whole "the underdog ethical geek wins saves the world" hype but l do like my hype with substance. The leopard? OMG! It's the sexy secretary with the killer bod and the intellect of a maths genius and the flexibility of a circus soleil acrobat, plus she is fun! So l have been preening and looking down my nose as windows, vista and linux enthusiasts one of whom showed me this little post and the ensuing yabis. I think you might quiet enjoy it.
One day the thinking, the offbeat, the different and the geeky will rule Nigeria. Or at least most of the economy. One day.

Have a great weekend.


Ade said...

I know the mac is sexy....but why does everyone seem to hate vista?

Iyaeto said...

Enjoy your new toy and as for the iphone, I'm still thinking of getting one but these gadget manufacturers self. They'll always make sure you spend money. Xmas is coming that's an excuse for me to get a new toy.

Anonymous said...

Hola Funmi,
Congratulations for your work.
With over a decade in media affairs you are a strong voice and advocate for women and children.
Being so young as you are I suppose you can do more and more.
Kind regards from Brazil

Anonymous said...

Dear Funmi,

I enjoy your posts/blog and I'm thrilled that you are real considering that you are famous in Nigeria. I never got a chance to watch your show when I was back home, but rest assured that I will be whenever I visit. However, I think you have been drinking a little too much pop-culture koolaid. I think you are patting yourself a little too hard on the back with this post. It is not a big deal to upgrade your operating system. You want the iPhone? Join the brainwashed masses who, I bet, will not even dig into the phone's innards to use it to the most of its ability. I don't want to think of you as someone who can't help but have the latest tech shiny toy. This post, however, shows that you've got your own foibles and I guess, to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Mac, apple, tufiakwa. really, can you take a computer called 'apple' seriously? Give me my Visat anyday. My computer geek friends claim that computer hackers target Windows systems, but, omo, it is too easy to use, very user-friendly....I love Vista ojare!

Anonymous said...


The iphone can, and has been opened to other networks (legally), but the warranty is effectively void when you do this. I suggest you wait for later versions though. For obvious reasons.


Comrade said...

Bo pe titi, akololo a pe Baba. Soon and Very Soon, Apple and Linux would take over the world.
In that same year, the United Nations would achieve World Peace.
It is possible to live a life that is free of software crashes and Upgrades. The Windows Blue screen does not have to be your portion. God did not plan life to be this complicated. That is why he has given us free gifts. These gifts are meant to free us from the domination of machines and their makers. God has given us Abacus and Slide rule. You can be set free.

soul said...

one must have something one indulges in lol

Me I get to use 3 different platforms and 3 diff OS's.
Bring on Leopard, bring on ubuntu, bring on Vista.. what ever gets the job done jare!.

But beware, there are people who believe an operating system determines your character (much like those who characterise you by the type of beer you drink).

Another Mac expo is coming up, if I see any goodies I'll be on the look out for some goodies.


ngbo sisi Funmi, they say u r patting urself a little too hard on d back o!! i choke with laughter.

anyways, ive been dreaming of the iphone since it came out in June, some dude who sells phones called me up the other to say he has the iphone now unlocked and all for ONLY 120k, i was really temtpted to buy it but like u said, it just didnt seem right, e be like say na d iphone wey 'fall for back of truck' sha i suggest u wait a little while longer, by Feb, im sure it d be safe o buy, maybe i might just send u one for xmas no??? lol. Got ur email, ese pupo.

Anonymous said...

the iphone is an excellent all round device i know because i own one so stop hating delurker. leopard i'm not too sure about, it just doesn't feel like a new OS. moving from os 9 to os X, that was amazing but leopard just feels a bit dull if u ask me.

Anonymous said...

Tiger, Leopard, Safari - aren't Apple taking this jungle theme a little too far? Lion next, I suppose. LOL. Enjoy your toys o jare. Work hard,play hard.

lemonade factory said...

sisi to sise o ye ko lasiko igbadun,enjoy sis u deserve it o

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ wavemasta, everyone is feeling the Mac and hating the Vista... I like both but I have to say Mac is not always as easy to use and definitely not as user friendly... BUT Mac definition is off the hook! Images look AMAZING on them.

I would like a Mac in my kitchen though, but not around the elubo and palm oil, lol!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@all, sorry say l just the come o. na water wan pass garri.

Hey geraldo, tell me, are brazilian women as fine as we are told?

36, don't be promising stuff you cant deliver o:-)

delurker, l guess sometimes, one may feel a need to strike out at others for no apparent reason, that too is allowed, could be the hormones. Always have been amazed at the tendency of some to take the joy of others as a depletion of their daily joy ration. Happiness is infinite. The post is about technology which along with creativity form the cornerstone of my industry. it is not about toys sigh!

lol comrade, tell dem o, this is of course what happens before people find the light.

as said...

OMG! neva knew you were an apple fan.
good, nice one.
I enjoy your blog a lot.


Unknown said...

ME TOOO!!! I'm a macaholic ;) Vista is a direct rip-off of Mac which makes even PC fans pissed off-nobody likes a copy-cat...