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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello stranger

So sorry for the absence and lack of update on JWC et al. I am swimming hard against that darned tide and barely staying afloat. No worries though, will soon hit calmer waters.

I took a moment to breathe and saw this absolutely hilarious dating guide by kpakpando. Even more apt as the December wedding/homecoming season approaches, too funny.

Back with you soon.


Unknown said...

I hope i'm first, but i doubt it.
Aunty Funmi thanks for putting that up,and i just emailed it to a friend that just don't get it, and i know she will be upset for a minute, we women have to take responsibilites for our stupid actions......... Anyways have fun.

Anonymous said...

Na true talk...
Most of the times we gok ourselves... I have learnt so i shine my eyes.. and yes i put my needs first.. Yes, i am being selfish