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Monday, November 05, 2007


Wole Oguntokun and I visited the juvenile welfare centre on Friday and what I see is that beyond our intervention what is required is a total overhaul of the social welfare system especially as it concerns children. I am going to focus on trying to get information out of all the relevant government agencies and slowly start encouraging the sort of alliances that will foster those necessary changes. What will be required of us will be strategic and effective advocacy using the JWC as a launch pad. This is more mid term; the long-term objective will be to institute a functional social welfare system for children starting with Lagos.
What we need in the immediate is a volunteer who will work with me and start to the groundwork, update everyone on developments and knit the efforts together. Lets see who is ready to move beyond just talking to doing, yes it is a direct challenge to you. In the meantime what is needed most now is a vehicle for picking up abandoned children, moving some to orphanages and finding the families of others in far flung places. That and regular food, clothes, toys, books, games and DVDs to keep the children engaged.


lemonade factory said...

read about five different blogs with ur name and efforts being commended,ur really a great lady,doing so much in ur life time,u have touched lifes and only God can reward such acts of benevolence.i pray God continue to empower u in all u do
someday when all those kids make it they will be able to remember a lady who made a difference by the name

is there anything else i can volunteer to do,maybe pass the word around if its okay by you
thumbs up egbon funmi

Anonymous said...

hi funmi...
its a pity that as rich as Nigeria is...our welfare system is in shambles....i am a (almost) social worker finishing next year...and i see this situation everydayhere ..but the differnce is there is a system that works and the 'disadvatnge' people are empowered in many ways...
how can i help?..what i think we can do is first of all try and access some charitable funds...there are different organisation that have the funds that we can acess for help. e.g USAID..if u or me can enquire at the US embassy in nigeria about it..i think once we have a proposal etc and we meet the criteria, funds can be acess..at the moment i work with redcross and i tell u...thats how redcoss survive...but of course its REDCROSS...but other smaller volountary organisation survive thru funds from the lottery, children in need, joseph rowntree foundation, USAID etc....and when u look at it these funds are from the society....so rather than 'beg' individuals to donate ..(which will not be consistent) can u get one of ur lawyer friends to draw up a proposal or application for funds from this organisations...i can find out here which organisation that is opened to international needs...also in terms of clothing, if we can find a cargo comapny that will be charitable, then we can start with churches to ask for clothings and bits they can give on regular basis and then we cargo to nigeria. most of the time the word 'charity' opens doors here...and i know there are so many 'fakes' in Nigeria that is sucking money from organisations here who are willing to help developing country thru smaller local NGOs...there is no way these companys can check if they r doing what they claim they r doing...so
let me knw how u want to approach this...the platform is there already...let me have ur email...so i can get ur number and start doing something...

Funmi Iyanda said...

@shola and yinka, please send me an email funmi@newdawnwithfunmi.com and lets start a conversation. You can definetly help as l am stretched tight but determined to plow ahead, l no no other way tto be anyways. Thanks for the prayers shola.