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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now Showing

Just in case you need to get away from the insidious stress of life and just have good clean mindless fun. Go to the cinema and watch DIE HARD 4 which l have renamed die hard patapata. Bruce Willis (whom l have watched from his moonlighting days and whom l admire for his Alpha male without the crouch cradling ego persona and lifestyle) returns in a nifty, digital, even witty feast of high jinx and excitement. Look, it can’t get louder, tighter, more testosterone driven but surprisingly it has a modern, geeky and slouchy cool.

It is like Steve jobs meet Sly Stallone. I like it so much l saw it in New York and Lagos and the reaction of the audience was the same, a lot of spontaneous clapping, exclamations and air pumping. Think of your ultimate modern hero feat and Willis' character surpasses it; l mean the man even kills a plane with a car and out maneuvers a fighter jet to spectacular destruction!
From the laconic, asthmatic, and hypoglycemic hacker sidekick to the beautiful ass kicking Asian Villan and the Barack Obama like agent, the film is a bit like riding the raging bull whilst watching your favourite sit-com. It does not try to be intellectual, unduly emotional or preachy, just plain old spectacular crashes, explosions, ass kicking, and baddie extermination in an effort to save America. Just the way you want your summer mindless sun. Whilst you are at it, continue to unleash your inner child with Transformers. As GM cars and trucks (wink) unravel into good and bad robots from my innocent comic devouring childhood, l sit enthralled.

Never have l seen sexier or nastier robots. They are fit, swift, flexible and cool beyond belief. What out for the parents of the lead actor, pure hilarity.


Asabe said...

I have watched DIE HARD 4 and i am not really a fan to Bruce Willis cos i can't get character in moonlighting with Cybil Shepard out of my mind so he does not strike me as an action hero until i watched this film and i had a rethink and what do they said about old wine getting better with age.
It is a must watch if you love oje(stunts)

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

My hubby was going on about how people in his office are on about Die Hard and so he has decided we will watch it. For transformers, some women in the preggie group i joined are dieing for it, so it's that nice?? hummm thanks funmi

Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi,
I read as you covered the highly anticipated TINAPA project. I was really excited to see a project of such magnitude and concept finally being launched in Nigeria. After the fanfare of the commission of the 1st out of 4 phases, what is the latest on TINAPA esp. now that we have a new government? Is the vision still being realized? Is it a Federal Government or State Project? Info. if u can please!!!

Anonymous said...

funmi whats your own now is not all of us that have watched it. we are still waiting for the idumota/idonesia via china pirated version, don't spoil it for us!

Sam Oracle said...

You sure know how to advertise.
Guess itz a great movie.

Admin UD said...

Went, Saw and CONFIRMED. It's off da chains.

exschoolnerd said...

i watched the movie recently...and its a must-watch.Talking about it doesnt quite do it justice...it needs to be watched.Probably the best ouf of the series.And his sidekick justin long cracked me up through out the movie..

Anonymous said...

Talk about a woman of many parts. Wouldn't have thought this kind of movie would be your cup of tea (being an intellectual and all that). Just shows you should never stereotype people. Don't think I'll go for it myself though, too much crash, bang, wallop for my taste.

Ms. Catwalq said...

i think i will go see one of the two this weekend

Ade said...

Transformers was the bomb. Nice to know that you also read comics growing up....Its something I look 4ward to doing with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Started liking Bruce Willis in the Die hard sequence was too young to really understand what Moonlighting was about.

Would watch Die hard 4.0, funmi does it well with movies(remember 300 and catch a fire).

And anonymous the chinko versions at home is nothing compared to the experience at the cinema.

funmi said...

@ asabe, gba be o for the ojes tres fantabulous!
@ a kel called wonder, so would that be the preggie hormones kicking in? when'll the bun be baked?
@anonymous, sigh! where l cant be fulsome in praise or sure in critism or where l am concerned but hopeful, l adopt the siddon look stance. l beg to siddon look on this one but loads of 9ja papers had info around about the time of the launch so you might want to google Tinapa.
@anonymous 2, you cheape, jo go watch am for cimena and help Ben Bruce jare. After that you can go buy the idumota version (l no mind dem piratng oyinbo stuff just leave nollywood to grow), its a collectors' edition.
@jjc, l embrace life in all its totality as long as its is not destructive. l intend to bungee jump at 70. l no longer do horror movies and porn is rather sad. Anything else as long as it is well produced and true to its genre l might watch. l watch movies from a film lover/ writer's/makers perspective. Try Die hard, its fun.
@catwalq, see both if you can luv
@wavemasta, spent my childhood with my nose buried in comics and books, totally uncool kid but hey look whos laughing. thats what l say to todays kids and usualy they say "uh yeah, whatever!" and return to their video games sigh! :-)

dollyP said...

Funmi, i am one of ur great admirer. u a truely talented and no airs which made me really really adore u. Pls keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Fun ke? Wetin be dat one, my sista?

Anonymous said...

Saw Die hard pata-pata yesterday(when i get the best bargain in Abuja).
Really good, Bruise is getting a little old but he still did well with the stunts.
Cannot wait to see old Harrison Ford in the last Indiana Jones sequence.
OLder Wine really is better.