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Monday, July 09, 2007

On the move

On the move, going to Atlanta loving the fact that Venus Williams is back on form and that Federer is king of the world.


Anonymous said...

Dear Funmi,

I also love the fact that Venus is back!

However, I wanted Rafael "Hotter-tahn-Fire" Nadal. In my books, he is Rafael "His-Royal-Handsomeness" Nadal!!!

Have fun in Atlanta o!!

7 said...

I so love the work ethic of Venus and Serena. Glad she is back! Enjoy ATL Funmi.

simplykenny said...

funmi dearie,its so good to know you are having fun on your trip and keeping us abreast of happenings out there,i wish you the very best and we look forward to seeing you around again.
i wish venus a great come back!

Dimples said...

Yup totally happy 4 her...lovely finals sha from both players....Nice to know u are enjoying ur globe trotting...love to all the ATL peeps.

Anonymous said...

The Williams sisters are an inspiration to everyone out there who has a dream, fights the odds to achieve it, holds on to the people they love even when it might often be easier to walk away, never forgets the day the shit hit them in the face, chooses to be or not to be part of the establishment, and refuses to apologise for being fat-black-poor-female-imperfect-disabled-religious-whatever.
As for Federer, erm...
Fums - should we watch out for you on CNN or something?

tolulope said...

hello Funmi,
i am really happy for venus and serena. success is borne out of determination. what has background got to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Hello Fumni, I see you are now in ATL...welcome to my part of the world. How can we contact you?


Anonymous said...

Can u confirm if its true that the venus's are from Nija? Have a lovely holiday and dont keep ur fans waiting 4 too long oh

Andrew F. Alalade said...

Really happy that Venus is back in form! As for Federer, did not really want him to win. Meeeen that guy has made guys like Safin, Hewit, Davydenko and Roddick regret being in the same generation with him!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ anonymous 1, l feel you about rafeal jare that is one nice cupcake but federer l suspect going to be one of the greatest from this era pity he isint better eye candy but hey cant have it all can you?

@nigeria politricks, got my mail? still kicking myself for not being able to hook up with you.

@ anonymous 2. Of course they are full blooded Nigerians! Venus looks kinda ogbomosho like me doesnt she?;-) and l swear that the great good and luscious serena must be from the niger delta. Ewu claimer! Those gals are a total inspiration and the rock to boot. wonder though how many serenas and venus nigeria could have produced? Not only would they not be discovered, not have turnaments to hone their skills but will also have be harrased and cursed into repressing their personality and sensuality. Whilst we are on this topic, do you know that about 18 out of the players at the recent under 20 world cup in toronto were Nigerians playing for other countries?

Funmi Iyanda said...

@jjc, BTW my sista, you must watch out for me not on CNN by for me and other like minds building brick by brick own powerful platforms to get our stories, voices, issues, images out to our people and others. shalom!