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Friday, February 05, 2010

TWF diaries

Wait a second!
l started talking about what began last year but did not begin last year ko?

The TALK WITH FUNMI project started in 2007, we got on the road May 2009, since then l have known no peace.

l understand now the look of gentle reproach on the faces of many of my industry colleagues when l told them my wild idea, they thought l was frigging mad but were too polite? scared,? concerned? to tell me.

I did eventually find a few other similarly afflicted people to come along with me on this monstrous unending glorious journey that TWF is.

Typically the real stories are behind the scenes, maybe l will tell them one day, especially when time can add perspective, humour and insight. But l will share digestible bits in my TWF diaries.

It has nearly killed us, we have alienated friends and family, it required everything we had and didn’t have but we have created something really special, something which l suspect is going to take on a unique life of its own. There are two of us who really are at the heart of TWF along with our often-exasperated gang but for both of us the reason we are doing it is because we don’t want to “die wrongfully” and TWF is one of our contributions to that desire. There is a million miles to walk and we have taken the first bold steps.

TWF debuts this Sunday February 7th on Africa Magic at 7pm, my diaries debut on www.talkwithfunmi.com on Monday. The show is also coming soon on national TV in Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to Sunday.
What should we do? I really dont have any idea right now. Maybe when I do I will come back and share.

Anoda Phase said...

Weldone Aunty Funmi...we've been eagerly awaiting the TWF series...God bless u and ur crew, as u continue to touch lives, and give d "voiceless" a voice...

Sherri said...

go ghel!
so very proud of u babe!

a good sock in the eye for all dem potbellied idiotic buffoons in the golden towers.