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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I sometimes have what we call brain touch or how else can l justify the fact that Toni Kan sent me this book when it was published and l didn’t read it until now?
I have been mad busy the past 18 months but still, abeg Toni no vex o. But why should Toni vex, it is my own near loss if l had not read this bloody good book.

The Massa and l have recently been looking with keener eyes at the work of Nigerian authors for our own evil, world domination plans. So last week he suddenly says “have you read nights on a creaking bed”? I said damn! I‘ve been meaning to, Toni must think l am a prat or that l didn’t like it and am being diplomatic. You should read it, its good he said in usual understatement.

I started yesterday; l finished it today, in-between meetings and other engagements.

It’s a fabulous book, spare, intelligent, involved, evolved and turgid. Toni is a gifted storyteller, nights on a creaking bed is a must read.


KT said...

Aunty Funmi,
Is it deliberate that you called it "Nights ON a creaking bed" rather than "Nights OF THE creaking bed?"

Not that I mind the name change though. LOL.