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Friday, February 05, 2010

The Cat’s Weekend

You wont believe me but l don’t like going out except dancing with my friends where l dance shamelessly and “shayo” bottles and bottles of water to everyone’s confusion.

This weekend promises to be hectic. Although l have malaria, wild horse will not drag me from;

Ijy’s wedding
It’s our first TWF wedding!
Ijeoma Onw…. is my dear friend and ex new dawn ladies panelist whom l foolishly persuaded to leave her job and join our wild TWF experiment. Whilst on the road, we let go of one production manager and hired a new one who had to quickly fit in. l too thought Emmanuel was rather tasty but the pressure on the road blinded me so l didn’t see him move in on Ijy or was it the other way round. I was the last to know but 8 months later these two madly in love people are getting married this Saturday and l will be giving a cringe worthy toast. Hehehe!

Congratulations you two and Ijy, don’t forsake the sisterhood o, we want all the gory details of married life right after the honeymoon.

Femi Kuti’s Grammy party at Tribeca

Because l like Femi’s music, because Tribeca is the best and hottest club in Lagos, because l admire Ahmed’s tenacity and focus, because l am pleasantly surprised by Charles’ business courage because l can wear micro shots and dance and be an agabya without repercussions.

MNET’s face of Africa

Because it is there.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your show! keep up the good work!

onyi said...

erm add sth else to you list if you will-my baiday!!!!13th of feblualy :)

and of course valentine's day!!!oops i said it out! more power to your lenses