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Friday, February 19, 2010

TWF Diaries 9ja Hip And Hopping Shoot

What l didn’t do last week when l started the TWF diaries is tell you that each episode is not shot in the order it is airing so l will be doing a lot of back and forth in time.

So even though Makoko was the first and hardest shoot, it will not air until week 13 but it was on the morning of the Makoko shoot l that wrote down my fears and anxiety. I wrote this

“l will write twice a day now. It is the dawn of a new day. Almost a decade later, l am moving to the next level as we start shooting TWF today. I am scared and strangely calm too, so much has gone now and l fear that l may have lost something in translation or appeal to audience. Is the show going to be too abstract, too serious, too produced, too western? I didn’t sleep much but l woke up at 4am and went downstairs and saw the devotion of my family and friends, my sisters are cooking breakfast for the 30 man crew along with the cook, maid and nanny and taking care of my daughter whilst my brother is sorting our my hair extensions and Bayo is arranging the clothes. I feel humble and grateful and strong. I can do this.”