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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What says you?

Stuck between airports. Found these articles interesting. What says you? (A DIFFERENT TYPE OF PORN)- USA Today Newspaper of July 11 and (BULL’S EYE) from July Essence Magazine.


Anonymous said...

one of the great humorists left..
i can't help but agree.
i see u still dey galivant all over.(he he)any chance of coming thru nyc again?
u got my email?
enjoy urself o jare.

Mo said...

love the article a "different type of porn", that is so cool and so true. the author hit the nail on the head, point blank may God help us especially in this America.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, but right next to it, was a link on immigration. A republican senator wrote an article titled we won`t be fooled again.
Where the phrase illegal aliens was used severally.I have not read or heard the phrase used in a while and i find the phrase rather inappropriate or i`m i just being sentimental ?

Jumi said...

I hope you are enjoying your trip. That article is food for thought. Love to the shrimp.

Ms. Catwalq said...

The writer of that article help illuminate my thoughts.
Prior to my coming to the US to study, I used to love the news. I loved CNN. There were alot of things on cable. Even Discovery was an event.
I arrived in the stated to find about five variations of CNN, six different Discovery Channels and next to stimulation for my intellect from the television. You should see the summer line up of programming. For a country that likes to laud itself over others and brag about its supriority, it is way too preoccupied with useless and trivial information.
Why do you think the Clinto scandal was such an issue? It was the most interesting thing they had to talk about. Most people don't even know if America is at war in Afghanistan or Iraq. When Paris Hilton went to jail, I did not change the channel from HGTV. I will not even dignify the networks with a comment to their disgusting reporting when Ana Nicole died.
I would ask myself, why anyone wondered why, I could operate a microwave or speak better English than all their ancestors put together. The only images of my people that the American public is interested in seeing is off starving and dying black people. It makes them feel "oh so fortunate" that they can be in a country where committees can be set up to review the thread count in bedsheets or which make up is more aging than the other. It also makes them feel so benevolent that they can donate $30.00 dollars a month to that orphan so they can get back to stalking the next pair of Ferragamos

Friend of God said...

i am a new dawn fan, moreso a funmi iyanda fan. Left nigeria a few years ago but managed to find you interviewing pat utomi on youtube before the elections.

CUt the long story short..you have been tagged. Tell us 8 random things about yourself. More info on my page.

Hope i sold you on this one lol. Think of it as a gift to your many fans. cheers

soul said...

But House porn is where it's at.
There's something about house porn that just makes you go wow. I could live there, I can dream. I want to live like that.
Almost inspirational.

I dunno bout fashion porn, what would certain people do without their copies of vogue?.

Personally I think when people get tired of the porn, they'll switch off and it ceases to even register to them.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@sherri, got the mail in a state of confusion, pity we couldnt hook up but we will in the not too distant future, thanks for the love sista.

@olla, he is republican isint he? their are neanderthals everywhere.

@catwalq, you as always are spot on. which is why l am in such turmoil about our own inability to develop our own powerful voice telling our more vibrant, fun,real and pointful stories. The tragedy is that we ar buying into the mire withut the structures that preserve relative sanity in the sphere they originate from. And that bit about believing some retarded media image of Africans is at the heart of their inability to deal with us as potential equal patners in business and more withn the continent.
@friend of god, oh no, been dreding this o. okay l'll be a sport and go answer the questions. smilling at you.
@soul, mai broda, no one will take the great and good from the land of the brave, we as well as some of them can just see the areas in which they shoot themselves in the foot and take the mikey out on them, come on allow us a friendly laugh.