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Friday, July 20, 2007

Something for the weekend people

A thought

A laugh

A lil home video



Caleb said...

we africans have for long allowed ourselves to be used as tools for the benefit of the western world, and its sad that we never learn and thus the trend continues. Uzodinma's piece was some food for thought and I think it is time we start recognising heroes among us and giving them credit. we shouldnt forget to raise a generation of heroes as well. The world is waiting for frica I tell you.

Perfectly Human said...

Uzodinma's article raised so many questions i secretly ask myself sometimes. It seems like giving "aid" to Africa has become the in thing making one question the real intentions of the various celebrities who are involves in these causes.
Will be watching Hairspray this weekend!

Jumi said...

My friend and I plan to see Hairspray this weekend. From the trailer, you can tell it is going to be a hilarious movie. Happy weekend, babe.

Anonymous said...

Hi funmi,
Just going through my webstatistics and noticed some hits from your blog.
Keep the success flag flying...
Take care and God bless...

ngmix administrator

Afolabi said...

I think this is a case of kelly not eating....probably trying to loose some pounds, but at least she put naija's name in the entertainment map for some few days

My 2 cents said...

Real funny.. Thoughtful but true writeup by Uzo Iweala.
I can relate, I work in an a big establishment that shows off their prowess by always starting some "Save Africa" BS!
Now the dropping it like it's hot video. I definitely can't relate..

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ all, charmed, charmed..okay no corelation to your comments l know but l'm totally loving Bullet Over Broadway. thats from the scene where jennifer tilly's tramp character is trying to sound uptown. If you havnt seen it please do now and if you have see it again. Its a timeless classic. Pure hilarity.