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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What if this multitude matched to Abuja and

..... demand to see their president now?
..... demand that the culprits of the Jos massacre and all previous such massacre in the past decade be found, prosecuted and executed?
..... demand that power be fixed and all indicted in previous probes on power be treated as above?
..... insist that the president is unfit to rule on account of prolonged ill health.
..... demand electoral reforms and independence of INEC ahead of 2011?

what if?


Femme Lounge said...

....then it will be the dawn of a new day in Nigeria, it means we are
now ready to walk our talk.

NigeriaPolitricks.com said...

That's the problem with Nigerians; they pray incessantly and even though God has already answered their prayers, asking them to take action....they keep on praying!

Like the bible says: "Faith without works is dead!"

Nigerians need to put their faith into action and march to Abuja and demand their rights to a better existence!!!

Marin said...

It is easier to pray.....

ochuko said...

That's why it is called "What If?"
What if Nigerians weren't cowards..
What if Nigeria wasn't a city of the blind..
What if wishes were horses!

Someday "What If" will become "Reality"..
It'd better be anytime soon!!

Myne said...

The naija ministers are more interested in their individual pockets than our common future I guess.

Gregbosa said...

@marin, well said! it is easier to say, ha God will see us through , than take action. enough of the nonsense! if we all come together as one collective people irrespective of religious or ethnic backgrounds, rich or poor. Enough is enough, there is so much we can take, 50 years and counting!

joicee said...

this gave me goose pimples...the sound of many waters

Unveilinggold said...

na real what if..then there will be change.