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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Next 50 years

Damn! What a bloody Monday. Just lost my original beautifully crafted intro which l wrote bright and early before my usual fire fighting dramatic day starts. Well here l am in the midst of shit and in no mood to be lyrical.

I will hopefully be able to rewrite those thoughts later in the week but it was to introduce my TEDxEuston talk video which l had refused to post till l found the original script l delivered it from.

So here is the script and then the video, self indulgent yes, indulge me ;).


Unknown said...

Can't get over this talk. Gets better every time one listens to it. Thanks for coming Funmi, for this talk, thanks for sharing your ideas, for inspiring us with your stories, for working through the pain barrier on the day and quite simply for being the person you are...and as you advised in your talk - we will not give up!

Prism of an Immigrant said...

I watched this video a while ago, and I was deeply inspired. I admire your tenacity and courage in standing up for what you believe in, and not allowing the "chauvanistic bullies" that control a better portion of Nigeria to have anything on you. well done.


Anonymous said...

Funmi, i dare say you are a rare Ge.I do not know where the thought came into my head that you must have been born with platinum between your lips.But the realisation that you grew up in the slum and proudly admit it and have run far away from it,never to land yourself a night in the shitty place makes me think we have some kind of kin spirit . I admire you as a woman,most of all for given me the strength to identify with my backgroung. Now i can proudly say i am an Aj girl,even though i never lived in a house with toilets that were not fully covered,i knew what it felt like been poor.Thank you for all the insights and the they never really care about us story. Knowing the Nigerian Government,nothing will be done about these peoples state,the least it could do is chase them someday and erect a new "Lekki" from a "Maroko", but people will be aware of the kind of squalor some Nigerians are subjected to their entire lives.Once again i thank you for this bold stride, i am inspired and would like to do what you are doing someday.maybe someday i would give back to my rugged community for making me tough and tick.

Anonymous said...

you, funmi are a huge inspiration. Keep blazing the trail and the rest of us (me) are sure to follow,. Your video has created that awakening in me... i habe always always wanted to the voice of the poor , downtrodden and less priviledged of society. Poverty does not equate stupidity.