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Monday, December 03, 2007


Aunty Funmi Iyanda, career role model Thisday pg 27, ha! If only they knew that you are stubborn, overworked so and so who……., that was part of a text from a friend of mine. Came in a I laid prone on my bed every damn bone and joint aching in righteous protest to the sort of physical and mental rigour I have put my body through in the last two weeks. A few hours earlier I had calmly got out of my car and punched the driver of the car who had just scratched mine and then had the audacity to come out and start banging my window in the throat. After which I proceeded to grab his shirt and shake him thoroughly. Of course he deserved it and it was great to see the shock on everyone’s face at the sight of a rather slight woman pulling proper punches aimed for damage, thank you Tony for all those kicking and punching sessions in the gym. Not having allowed myself to be pushed that far since age 9, l knew I was cracking so I have spent Saturday locked up indoors, sleeping, eating and watching mindless TV. What a difference it made and why do we always wait till we are near breaking point to stop pushing ourselves? Now, why the heck am I wasting time saying all of this even when I know that with the challenges of trying to build something that is beyond survival in this big bad wonderful city, it is bound to happen again and again. This is true for most of the adult population here. That we are not an even more violent city is a miracle or is it just that the violence is underreported?


Ms. Catwalq said...

Aunty, please drink water o.

Uzo said...

LOL...Clearly you need a break. Take it easy as there is bound to be more madness this season

Sherri said...

u bera take am easy o
road rage is scary!
hi five sha on a well delivered jab..

who u kill at nine?
me,at ten sent my bullying big bro to luth with a concussion by the way of a hockey stick.. (still not sorry)

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine you throwing the punches- i am sure that was the last straw and your back was shattered...
Take it easy, and don't kill yourself oh..

Nigerican said...

I had to snap to this weekend but without the punching Lol. I really hate looking like the angry black woman but it seems as i get older, the more people feel the need to push me. I'm glad u got to rest that is always neccessary. I on the other hand, must confront my demon again on Tuesday... she is my slacker group member.

Eni + Anu said...

Aww... God is your strength. This is one of my fears of living in Nigeria. The situation there tweaks so much aggression out of you.

I dunno sha. O ti su mi already and I've not even arrived.

Anonymous said...

My dear, i feel you on that one abeg! Once in traffic i cut in front of this chick and in vexation she started accelerating into my car. The first time, i thought, mistake, the 2nd time, no - it can't be, THE THIRD TIME!!! You bet i flew out of my car (hitting and injuring an okada man in the process) and proceeded to give her the slapping of her life! In broad daylight! My only regret (and i really do regret this) is that i didn't strip her naked when i had the opportunity. THEN what would she have done??

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLLLLLLL! the visual is so bloody hilarious! we snap to repair, i think. it is well :)

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ sherri, it was one yeye boy in the neighbourhood, broke his arm too, cried buckets at my hurt dignity which was mistaken for contrition, didnt think it was necessary to educate them;-)
@nigerian, how's the demon today?
@uzo, babe u bera believe o, where is everyone going?
@anonymous, shuo, crase suppose get limit o

Anonymous said...

be careful lest the very evil that u fight against consume you.
Love u still...

Onibudo said...

There is the story of craze man who dey dance naked for Lagos inside rain for monday morning. Oga weh dey go office stop de watch the spectacle as rain they lash both of them. Craze man come holla ,' I dey dance for my workplace and you dey for inside rain dey watch me, na who craze here?' See me see wahala O! Like Okada man weh dey fight craze woman who throw stone in the middle of third mainland bridge for 7pm as motor they pass and darkness fall. Na who craze pass?
Pekele, Pekele, Arugbo je gbese tani o san? Sisi Funmi I beg O.

Iyaeto said...

I believe in an eye for an eye.
a.You break my wing mirror
b.I go straight to my boot and get my wheel spanner.
c. I break your wing mirror
d. I then drive off.

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