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Monday, December 10, 2007

Whilst FI is away

FI is away; she has been traveling since last week and will for one more week. In the meantime, she has asked that I post these illuminating articles (The Historical Origins of Africa’s Underdevelopment and All brains are the same color) which form part of an ongoing conversation she has been having.


L~Shandi said...

I think the Historical Origins of Africa piece is rather interesting although I am worried that some folks might see it as an excuse to not perform now..I agree with the "brain" one..we all have the opportunities to develop our minds...and just like Bill Cosby said in his recent book" Common people"...lets stop making excuses and start making a difference.

Have a safe trip Funmi and see you soon!

Sherri said...

i don't agree with mr nunn's postulation as interesting as it may seem, the research should focus on the methodology used to create disunity among the tribes.
i know it's called "divide and conquer" but i still can't comprehend how it was so effective for so long!
as for the disparity in development,it's clear much of the development of the west was from plundering africa's natural resources for centuries..
the brain article is... bullseye!

Funmi, enjoy the much needed r&r

wishing you and yours a merry Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful 2008!
here's to giant strides in the right direction in the new year!!