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Friday, October 19, 2007

Picture this

On the radio in Abuja
Recently I have had cause to look at our archive of pictures and shows and I’m amazed at how much work we have done. I am also saddened by how much work we have lost. The first few years of the show were live and the off air taping were not preserved. Ditto earlier work with MITV and Good Morning Nigeria and so on. We however still have an incredible archive of work done over the last 6 years which will be the back bone of a project which we will be announcing soon. Whilst sorting out our huge picture files, Mutiu came across these behind the scene pictures from the last two years which we thought to share with you.

Have a brilliant weekend.


soul said...

Nice one Ms iyanda.. nice one.
More grease to your elbow :)

Be Well.

Unknown said...

lovely pic ....
i call it ...kodak moment ....
enjoy ur weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Funmi and Mutiu for showing us this memories. I wish you can show us some of the pictures when your show was still live on NTA 10.
We will love to see those pictures.Pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse.
CHecking here back to see the old ones.

joicee said...

Nice pics.....keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

luv the pics. watched your show on the net a few weeks back and i was impressed by the accent after having heard obviously fake british-american accent from others. keep it up. the makeup is okay buy you shld please try toni payne cosmetics, i think she is based in CA, tried her nearly a year ago and stopped searching since.

Eni + Anu said...

One helluvan amazing woman!

Anonymous said...

one things for sure funmi, you've met great people of great strength and they'll never forget you. so my dear you truly are a great person and i dont think nigerians will forget you, i certainly wont

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys have a lot of fun alongside the serious moments.But Aunty Funmi, do you ever wear the same dress twice? LOL

Linda Ikeji said...

You're such an inspiration. Six/seven years on and you're still on top. Lovely pictures. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I support Adeola in seeing those pics of live shows.

Anonymous said...

Awwww this brings back such brilliant cherished stubborn memories. Home is definitely where the heart is no matter the walls..

Asabe said...

Nice picgallery it reminds one of the good old days and brings back beautifully memories that we still cherish. It would be nice to see more of the retro pictures/shows on t.v you know. Think about it.
Job well done and may your engine not knock in Jesus name amen.


aaaww sisi mi, its one thing to do such a fabulius job and another to have fun along the line as well, the pics look absolutely fab and much fun? can i come for ur show someday??? and id like to rummage through ur wardrobe, damn u look good!!

Anonymous said...

So much enthusiasm for you and your work ... how about getting some of the bloggers on the show one day? (Am not angling for myself, too shy!)

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures .... Funmi has to look good? No one would watch her if she looked crappy so keep it up girlfriend!!

I def agree with anonymous ... i do not know why people try to sound british or american??

Thank you Funmi for being an authentic Naija babe!!

Iyaeto said...

Keep it up babes. You look really nice in the brown agabda and gele.Carry go Nubian princess.

Anonymous said...

Splendid pictures, made me laugh out loud in the quiet British Council Library.
Did not know D-banj had come on the show was actually looking forward to the moment.
Hurry and launch the project lets see what you have been putting all your money in,i am sure it would be fantastic
Especially like the "the man must whack clips"
E Ku Ise oh!!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@adeola and co, oliver twist abi, ok cool, we'll go dig deeper for the older pics. you'll see them next week.

@anonymous, you think l go willingly give oyinbo my money if there is a viable naija/african option;-)? Tony Payne the blogger huh? how do l get them Tony? Bayo must of course give the final nod, l dont wear makeup except for work and events so l have no idea what great make up is or how to apply them properly.

@logosian, yes but l creatively "recycle" some.

@linda ikeji, must work with you some day and that day is coming soon, trust me.

@chude, ;-)

@36/logosian of course you can come on the show, will do a bloggers edition one day soon, challenge is translating effectively the dynamics of this community to a mostly unaware mass audience but we will.

@iya ibeji, God no go let person see the kin insecurity and lack of worth those fake accent seek to hide. Amin l'oruko jesu.

@pumping! l am very excited about where l am going next, my lips are zipped for now but l assure you that you will be immennsely proud.

shola pacheco said...

thumbs up sis.i rem u from d days of good morning nigeria,if am correct.then new dawn 7am to 10am . infact i can go on,one episode wen ur little girl came on screen without her shirt.funny but u have come a long way .may d good lord continue 2 uphold u.d best is yet 2 come.saw u on greenland goodness is dat ur real hair?lol

Sherri said...

priceless memories.

Unknown said...

Keep up the good work Funmi. U r doin us women (or young ladies) proud. I luv ur show.