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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do I look cute in this?

As I read about the Etteh wahala last week, I found the picture above of three first ladies amusing. Perhaps l should share this admittedly irritatingly (age and hindsight) strident article I wrote in 1999 for Tempo magazine.


Marin said...

Wow, great article. I really respect you for saying it like it is and for using you position to make a difference.
Greater things are ahead for you!!!

Sherri said...

right on!

Iyaeto said...

Nice article!they're still lurking around the corridors of power these days but I call dem "awon oni chamois leather". (Chamois leather which i use in cleaning my car is what some of them use to apply their "pancake".

Anonymous said...


Above is the link to Madam Speaker's birthday celebration. It seems very low key to me.It does not correspond with the exaggerated celebration stated in the article except, she had more than one celebration. Just my thoughts. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on the Nigeria scene. Thumbs up!

Anonymous said...

Funny article. I have heard of certain women in power who would have a hard go at any lady wearing anything from clothes to shoes that they (so called women in power) have in their wardrobes. Sad sad situation. Have you ever wondered how they were as kids? I mean toddlers and children? I always wonder about the tyrants and criminals and now the sisi pancakes. Anyways, God dey. Lets hope and pray for them.

Judy123 said...

Is she wearing a Bra on top of her blouse? .....just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I really should have done this earlier, but haven't had the opportunity.Thanks a great deal for creating time to view my blog you really made my daysss...thankssss.
Love you lots,
Lovestruck teen.

Anonymous said...

Age does funny things to women. Some of us start to get desperate about losing our looks, hence the overcompensation with pancake, inappropriate - not "indecent" o -fashion, plastic surgery, etc. (It even happens to men too!) The gargoyles deserve our pity. The real problem is when the fake exterior is more than matched by a fake soul, and all their influence and power is dedicated to self-serving pursuits alone.

NigeriaPolitricks.com said...

I cannot agree with you more on this post. You better write your will on this one. lawl. Tew funny!!

In my head and around me said...

I was hoping that you would have had something to say about the Etteh fiasco. Was looking forward to having your view on the matter.

Iyaeto said...

Judy123 I wonder too o. Na bra abi,chest coat or did she wake up from d wrong side of the bed so she had to wear it in the wrong order?(na wa for designers o abi na tailorlauren? Good observation!!!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@jjc, l actually have a lot more tolerance for sis pancakes 8 years and slack stomach muscles later and you hit the nail, my concern is more for the internal conflicts?ignorance?dysfunction? that this seeks to mask and why we should have to deal with such in public offices. Then again are there not just as many "broda ochuzos" (have an old article on those too) in power?
@annoymous 1, wish the matter was just about the birthday but as you know it is beyond that.
@judy123 and iyaeto, na me be dis o, actually she is a nice harmless lady, dont know who is "styling" her.
@in my head and around me, patience, its coming.
@naija politricks, where have you been? ;-)
@crazieskillz, keep writing gal!

cleo.kelvin said...

well de believe it does becos in dis country it matters dats why such still rule u know i believe most of de women in corridors of powewr are more models of clothes and cosmetics than de young ones dats were de whole money goes to and de hav graduated to parties the irony is de hav less impact in their time but cos we need de physical beauty not intellectual westill get fooled god help us