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Sunday, November 05, 2006

soldier go soldier come

Last week in the senate some joked, at least l thought it was a joke. He said, Borisade must be sacked, if he cannot be sacked then let him be moved to ministry of culture or something like that. Lo and behold it happened! He was swapped with Fani kayode at culture and tourism. All l can say is l don craze finish (ori me ti yi tan). Fani Kayode and l were founding members of the defunct Progressive Action movement (lets not go there today) and my thoughts of Fani Kayode are that he is a fine Queens English speaking, debonair man. His highest public achievement up to date is his rabid loyal support for all and every that concerns president Obasanjo combining in one breath Remi Oyo, Frank Nweke and Runsewe’s jobs in one grammatically correct, pheonerics spewing diatribe at all and any who dares oppose OBJ be they Soyinka, Gani or mama risi by the road. No one is too mighty or small to take on. When he became culture minister, l sent him a congratulatory text. Why? He never try? He deserved something for all that hard work now. At least now he doesn’t have to try so hard to prove his loyalty and can concentrate on a particular assignment that has great potentials. I’ve often wondered why he tried so hard though, could it have anything to do with the fact that before he was appointed special adviser to OBJ he was a rabid, loyal antagonist of OBJ? I still have in my library live TV interviews l did with him where he lambasted OBJ and his policies. I recall him calling me and asking to be interviewed to give vent to such. Strange that but then a man can be allowed a drastic change of heart, people get born again everyday especially in “godly” Nigeria.

Since he became minister he has been less vocally controversial perhaps hunkering down to tackle the highly underrated, under funded, culture and tourism (two distinct entities if you asked me) ministry. One visible contribution thus far to that ministry being the much locally publicized, internationally ignored independent Nigeria rocks concert where the extremely rich and mostly old rocked to the music of celebrated international rap, R&B and pop artists. Unfortunately we will never see how much more he can do, he is now aviation minister.

As an old friend l wish him luck, as a rightfully air phobic Nigerian l truly wish him success. If he can convert his rabid loyalty to one person into bulldog tenacity of purpose to one cause, i.e. sorting out the mess (don’t bother with building it o, time too short) in the sector, he would finally deserve the love he craves.

As to sending Borisade to culture and tourism l revert to my favourite book of Fela wisdom he he he ha ha ha, why l dey laugh? If l no laugh, l go cry.
If you must know, ministries of sport, culture, tourism and anything to do with entertainment are traditionally reserved for bored, retired, military officers, disgruntled party loyalists and the generally unaware and unimaginative. Shame really since these are multi billion dollar industries but how do you expect people who think a mouse pad is used to catch rats to know that.


Anonymous said...

Someone told me that Fani-Kayode once spent time in a mental institution. Is there any truth to this, or is it a vicious rumour?

Beauty said...

Nigeria is full of G.od appointed leaders but ask them how they have enhanced humanity, there, they draw a blank. So many institutes of leadership and organisational learning seminars, yet the result stink. The future is bleak for the septic tank full of idiots varying for the leadership race in Abuja. The states have become fiefdoms of hell.

"my favourite book of Fela wisdom he he he ha ha ha, why l dey laugh? If l no laugh, l go cry" is so very true.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and ur go-getter spirit. I got one question,though: Isn't an aviation minister supposed to have a degree or two in aeronautical engineering? Na real wa o

internationalhome said...

I like the end of this post AFI, the reference to how ignorant the Nig govt. is on the potential of the minstry of culture, blah blah blah.
Here, the government has realised the incredible potential of the cultural industries and has taken steps to fund university education, solely in this regard.
This is why we are here, we will change it. we must!

Naijadude said...

Hahahah I just love this blog! The so called "godly" Nigerian is so full of hypocrites, today they are crying foes , come tmrw when they have been patted on the back with the worst that fits their persona, they start singing praise. Oops I forgot they are all yorubas!..LOL Okay no comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi,
Have you heard the latest? The gods (Sango, Ogun, Obatala et al) have met to fix a date for a protest march to Aso Rock! Purpose? To plead with Baba to, with immediate effect and spontaneous alacrity, move Borishade from the Ministry of Culture. "All we are saying, no Borishade!" They reckon that if Borsihade's bad luck in education (9-month ASUU strike) and aviation (4 crashes in 12 months) are anything to go by, then they (the gods) are all ENDANGERED SPECIES. Think of it, with Borishade as Culture Minister, his first official action might be to redeploy the gods. Ogun as god of Thunder, Sango as god of iron.
Sources say the protest march (complete with placards) is due anytime from now. The gods are definitely not to blame!

Anonymous said...

Please just be blogging regularly, I repeat REGULARLY! so that we can have a few sane voices to rely on.

Anonymous said...

I personally want him out of the government. The man's records doesn't show him as being with any sense of responsibility, or shame. I won't forget the ASUU strikes of 2003.

So, Funmi, here's the petition online. You can help too: http://www.petitiononline.com/borish2/petition.html

Anonymous said...

During Fani-Kayode's tumultuous senate confirmation as minister of culture, he admitted that he once underwent treatment for depression. But I don't know if he was ever hospitalised during treatment.

I must add that depression is an illness like any other, very "manageable", it afflicts far more people than you would ever imagine (I once worked in a psychiatric hospital, so I should know) and it should not be stigmatised.

Vera Ezimora said...

Hi Funmi,

I have agree that the name of your blog is rather "creative". It musta taken you a while to figure it out.

Nkem said...

I call all those people you mentioned OBJ's rottweilers-in-chief, always quick to bite into the flesh of any OBJ critics. They truly disgust me. But that's Nigeria for you, everything and everyone has a price. It will be paid for in a variety of ways - money, prestige, power, the currency is there.

sufferingandsmiling said...

my people, my people...

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ Peju cole, l no know book o

@ nigeria, wnats new, the question is, what are we gonna do about it people, what?

@ anonymous, talking about job requirements, l,ll post a video of senator lta Giwa's comments as to why she got the job of special adviser on assembly matters. hilarious.

@ my talking beginnings, are you talking tongue in cheek? lets leave education for another day o

@oolaide, l,m signing.

@ e-gobeta, dame viagra? you want to try her? dont underestimate the repressed looking o. e-gobeta so?

@ boa, depression? that explains a lot then. Do you now how many Nigerians are clinnically depressed, be interesting to find out.

@vera, na your eye be dis?

Anonymous said...

@vera: dont mean to a "voltron" bvut wetin consine bird with toothpick? So what if she used her real name? Big deal! it's the content of her blog that counts

Christian Writer said...

Hello Funmi, it's true. I'm now a blogging addict. My inner Nigerian has been reborn with all this marvelous blogs I'm discovering and it all started with Jeremy's blog. I've told him that all I want to do is to be as famous as him...But seriously though, reading all these blogs has given me renewed insight into the Nigerian pysche. All the virtual relationships I've formed will go into my books one day...just kidding. I really hope I catch your show when I come. Keep up the good work girl and keep on saying it like it is...

Anonymous said...

hi Christian writer, I hear Cassava Republic are touring you in Nigeria. When? I do hope you get to go on Funmi's show or at least get to catch one of her shows. She is great.

Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi. Got your signature. I'm guessing it's you cos the person said "funmilola iyanda". It's great to know you care too.


BabaAlaye said...

Great Blog Funmi.Sorry i missed u a couple months back in MD.That woulda been a treat.

There are people in Govt presently that are a thousand times worse than Borishade/Fani-Kayode. Those 2 are bad enuff, but it just amazes me that some people take all the bad publicity while bigger Demons get away with murder....then they come out smelling of Roses. Agbayas.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@igwatala yep that was me. l care, very much.

@babaalaye, l,ll be back and yes you are right, we have to build the kind of institutions and processes that reduce the number of such people and their influence on our life.
@anonymous, gee thanks, eri mi wu (my head sweel) and l,d love to meet christian writer