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Monday, July 05, 2010

Of Prejudice

I watched them storm onto the plane in a riot of colours and sounds. There was a powerful physicality about their presence, not only in the size of their bodies but in the piercings, the wild colourful clothing, and the hair. One head had a cheek with a blond braid attached to the ebony skin, another had a waist length jumble of dreadlocks piled high of the crown of a head right at the edge of his bald patch. They spoke fast, foreign and furious.

I was instinctively pushed back into my seat glad they were heading away from me toward the back of the plane as l surveyed the landscape of bland normalness in grey suits, beige dresses and coiffed hair seated around me. read more


drtunababa said...

Sis. Funmi,i wouldn't beat myself up if i were you for making valid BUT HASTEY conclusions about those men. i imagine similar prejudice could be held by an outsider that sees lizzie's team off pitch(with their gay attribute). But better a community filled with committed gay couples than one filled with broken,lonely, young pregnant girls i'd say.I think our African football federations should extend arms to teams like Lizzie's,youths that have found true passion for the game.Lizzie's team represent scores of African youth who if given the chance, are ready to put their energy into tremendously good use.Always an inspiration to listen to you speak and read you write.

Ayo Adene said...

you wrote that? wow. there's so much more to you. maybe its cos u are such an unassuming person, i had to be shocked. you are overdue to join the pulitzer club.