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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bottoms, Busstops and Identity part II

The market is 150 years old and there is talk of a remodelling into a shopping mall. From the colourful fruits, vegetables and grains display of Market Street, we walked into the corner of Julius Nyerere Street and the bovine market where, people sat on benches eating whole or parts of huge bovine heads with samp to my utter carnivorous delight. Others ate hollowed out bread loaves stuffed with beans and rice called bunny chow. From the bovine market, we … ( continue reading


drtunababa said...

Once Again sis. Funmi, an interesting piece carefully capturing the richness of African culture merged with Her Social,communal life and off course rich agricultural food produce(both plant and animal). most of the conspiracy theories about security in SA were spurred by people who didn't think Africa could host a competition such as the world cup and succeed all so flawlessly.but we showed them, didn't we? though i dnt quite get the last part about the dutch kid holding up his Middle finger to u.were u in support of d Brazilians?Always an inspiration to listen to you speak and read you write.

Afam said...

Funmi, thanks for the article.