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Monday, July 06, 2009

The thing around your neck

Reading Chimamanda's new book the thing around your neck. What can I say? Chimamanda not only has the story telling gift from the gods but she has a rare insight into the human essence. I read these short stories and I am gently but insistently nudged to examine issues that colour our Nigerian reality. This is one of the times I wish I was still doing NEW DAWN so I can have the sort of deep insightful conversations that can be had with a mind as unique as hers. However not to worry, I have big plans for her and you too;-).

Be sure not to miss the reading this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi, I love Chimamanda as you (she has so much insight). I was reading a Baltimore, Maryland Publication today in which there was an article about her and I found out she lives (well spends part of her year) a hop, skip and jump away from where I am. Maybe I should try to run into her and get to know her.

toks adetuyi said...

Did not see nothing round the neck in that picture

Anonymous said...

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Nollywoodforever said...

Good looking out! I didn't know she had something new out!

TheJunkie said...

Hello Ms. Iyanda!

Please check out my blog, I'm new


Anonymous said...

love chimamanda. i've got to get that book!


ChinChin said...

She's an inspiration, I read the book cover to cover. Brilliantly written, and the stories are unfailingly captivating.