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Monday, July 06, 2009

I'll roger that

So were you one of those queer creatures who wanted Roddick to win just because you are tired of seeing Federer win? The "under dogers"? Lesson to all: once in a while the good Lord presents us with some of his finest works, our job is to be in appreciation and awe. Federer is a gifted player such as we have not seen in a while perhaps such as we have ever seen. The serve, the foot work, the pace, the butt... shall I go on:-).

Even Anna Wintour is a groupie. All hail the king!


Zeee said...

I watched that match and I was dying, part of me wanted Roddick to win and the other part wanted Federer just so he could get that 15th Grad slam title....while they both played very well, and obviously the best player won...

Futasec-e said...

Which lord?
the same one who forgot to give his 'kid' the gene to be gracious?
to spare the rest of us,
that nonsensical ad-machine=the monogram?
oh well! what a Tennis master, his + your lord is.