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Thursday, November 06, 2008

The case of the unadmirable

Please stop and watch this.

It happens all the time but this time someone has it on tape (okay they had the atiku one on tape too but that was then) and we are angry and organizing.

This latest madness was brought to my attention a few days ago and in that time l have spoken with, contacted and got the support and commitment of over 30 top editors, media personalities, reasonable politicians, civil organizations and activists to step up and stand against this.

I hear they are trying to resolve this "internally", but l say no this is not about an individual but about what we will or will not accept as a nation.

Please raise a voice and join a call for swift and severe punishment to this unadmirable admiral and to send out a warning to his ilk.


augusteen said...

Seems we are still in the age of the unknown soldiers as they razed down Felas house.This is totally unacceptable

augusteen said...

Seems we are still in the age of the unknown soldiers as they razed down Felas house.This is totally unacceptable

augusteen said...

Its totally unacceptable.We are not in the age of the Unknown soldiers that razed Felas House.

Anonymous said...

This is... Despicable. I saw this yesterday, and I didn't know what else to think. The Navy spokesman then had the audacity to say the woman provoked the officer?

I'm tired of hearing about these convoy disasters.

The barbarism of our uniformed officers, who are supposed to be protecting us, just makes me angry. And Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade must get his comeuppance for this. If there's enough noise about it, both local and abroad, maybe the government might make a move.

Anonymous said...

This is the country my husband wants me to visit? You've to be joking love!

Anonymous said...

Please FUnmi tell us what can we d about this!this harry arogundade must be put to shame!!!!he must apologize for what he did and be striped of his position!what arrant nonsense.WHat pisses me of she the fact that the Representataive of the Navy are saying stuff like "maybe she did something to annoy them" or "she provocked them", "she held on to the officers shirt" e.t.c!!!can u belive this animals

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking this up. Its sickening to watch and even moreso that people will see this and not be swift to condemn that kind of beahvior...There is no excuse. I was telling someone about it and she thought the lady was being beaten because she had stolen and kind of shrugged it off. I wanted to scream. Even if she did? and she didnt. She is a human being why should she beaten like an animal..in her own country. I love Naija, and I want to come home but that is scary. I have no military family, noone I can 'call' what if this wasnt caught on tape? I put it on my facebook page. Something should be done.

opeadeoye said...

We are starting a little campaign by passing the email below around to everyone you know on the internet...

I am wondering how it would be if the victim was not the daughter of 'somebody'. What if it's my wife who knows 'nobody'.

Please pass the email below around...


Let us immortalise the name
‘Harry Arogundade’ such that when anyone googles for him they’d only get
results that show him for who he is even when we have all passed on.

Simply contribute to the ‘noise’
on the internet... Facebook,
Nairaland, Blogs,
Village Square
, Punch...

Please pass this on...

Anonymous said...

My name is Tomi,nigerian and i live in the UK.
To say i was disgusted at what i watched today concerning those beasts who could raise their fingers to treat a WOMAN like that would be a gross understatement.
Funmi,please enough of this siddon look make i no carry anoda person wahala on top my head mentality.


Uzoma the lady in question could have been any of my kid sisters in nigeria,or my mum,or even me.
have we all thought that if it were a guy,WOULD HE NOT HAVE BEEN KILLED?

HOW DARE THEY handle a fragile sex like that?what gives them any right to touch her that way??





Iyaeto said...

We are o!

Anonymous said...

I have been a victim of this madness severally. In fact, the last time it was the mopols attached to the 'Eze Ndigbo of Lagos' who wanted me to carry my 'pangolo' Toyota camry regardless of the heavy holdup.
The funny or sad thing is that other road users would rather turn their eyes/ears away from the incident and so the victim is 'oyo'(on your own)!
At least someone got this on camera, so we can take this case to court.

Anonymous said...

Funmi, I know u can speak up on behalf of other women.Its really upsetting. We need to ensure that this is not resolved in any funny "internal" way.

Anonymous said...

I am really ashamed of the incidence there. Such madness is unacceptable, except in the uncivilized world of the beasts. It is even more painful that it came from members of a group who are assigned the responsibility to protect our people.

Personally, it is indeed a reproach seeing such antics as I trained in the Nigerian Military institutions for 11 years, and have friends and accomplices in the system, hence I still have some bias for the Armed Forces.
It is even more appalling to seeing the female gender so abased! What manner of men treats a woman like that?

Such barbarism had always been around, I cannot deny, but I thought things should have taken a better turn since the era of democracy. I would have loved to think the orientation of the personnels have changed , but the video has ibeen indeed saddening.
I am sure the Navy is not proud of what these ratings did in public.

I wish there could be a way things are corrected and rectified, and the offenders in this video brought to book. I am ashamed that the whole world sees such brutality! Again, it is another source of ridicule to us- who are in diaspora. But again journalism is a tool for exposing wrongs, and I know you did this in good fate.

Well done Auntie Funmi. I really admire your works!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, i am shocked and really angry. No excuse for the barbaric act. A woman will always be a woman. A man is expected to be diplomatic in dealing with the opposite sex and to say a man-in-uniform? If they could do this to a fragile lady, then our children and the old are not safe in the hands of our uniform-men.

omowonuola said...

We must not let this pass. There is nothing like settling it 'internally'.Babaric acts like these must not go unpunished.It is totally unacceptable. That woman could have been anyone's wife, mother or daughter.Let us act NOW!

Anonymous said...

Why does harry arogundade (doesn't deserve capitals) have right of way in a traffic jam? Was he on his way to solve the Sunni /Shia conflict or perhaps he has 2 heads?
So what if she protested, tore the whip out of the rating's hands and verbally abused him? It is her right as a citizen to do so and in a normal world, the orderly or whatever he is had the right to arrest her for disorderly conduct or something, not drag her and strip her naked. Thank goodness it happened in broad daylight; thank God it wasn't a man as someone pointed out because he would be dead by now - and all because oga was in a hurry on his way to booty call.

It's high time someone launched a campaign that beating women Does Not make you more of a man. Quite the contrary. Plus, what kind of training in civil conduct do these naval ratings get in Nija? Or were they trained by LAPD?
Let's not sweep this one under the carpet or make it into a parlor palm wine conversation. This girl needs justice and kudos to the Lagos State Govt for offering legal support.

Anonymous said...

I joined the facebook cause and dugg the story. And sent it to others.
I'm especially angry bcos it's naval officers doing this. Will those men be happy if it was their sister that was beaten up like that?

Anonymous said...

@ what can we do? see contact details below. write to them and express your views:

Anonymous said...

funmi you need to point people to this facebook group,i think arogundades daugher joined to defend her father and she has been seriously cyberlashed by a certain miss k.
we need more people like that in nigeria.


Anonymous said...


@LAYO AROGUNDADE....am i getting something wrong here?
or are you defending that socially inept misfit born out of a cursed cunt called arogundade?
is he your dad?or a relative of yours?
if so u need to seriously hide your ugly faces in collective shame.
you think coming unto facebook to denounce watever the girl supposedly did,which should NEVER have warranted such an act to be visited upon her makes it okay??

your"majesty" i ask again?
is he your damn father or relative of yours?if he is your father,my dear little girl(and I say this in the most condescending manner..i suggest you look for the nearest possibility of “divorcing” him because you my dear have been cursed by an angry nation)
a whole nation is incensed beyond belief at what has happened,and miss doo-doo brain here thinks THE GIRL IN QUESTION SHOULD THINK AND REASON BEFORE TALKING?

wow..a case of daddys little princess defending daddy?
is that wat you go thru at home in his hands?
does he beat mummy up and then strip her for his perverse pleasures??
And then does he make his children watch and clap for him??

That goggled brute needs to be served a dose of his own medicine..typical case of “omo ilenle wey dem put on top bed,last last he gotta mess up and end up back on the floor”
Ole oju ori olari oshi..typical case of a power drunk nobody who cannot believe his luck at the “height” he has attained.bloody joke.

Abegii,some of us have had fathers in power,who didn’t feel the need to move around with sirens blaring and mopol/orderlies harassing innocent victims.And yes,I HAVE TRAVELLED IN CARS WITH AN ESCORT ,SITTING IN FRONT…AND SAT QUIETLY IN TRAFFIC LIKE EVERY OTHER SANE CITIZEN OF THIS COUNTRY…so please PRAY DO TELL LIL MISS LAYO..WETIN DEY WORRY YOUR PAPA..IM CRAZE?? OR HIM JUST GENERALLY FUCKING PARANOID…

So tell me please daddys little princess…or arogundades little pet cockroach..what exactly are we talking about here??

And then you so have the guts to so bravely attack a concerned citizen as to his opinion on your foolish idiotic shit head of a fathers actions??

I can see the apple does not fall far from the tree…or does it??layo??

Or wetin?? You go vex too and get your daddy..or whatever he is to you and his boys to CYBERWHOOP MY ARSE AND STRIP ME VIA THE NET??

Babes..if you people have been doing it for a long time and kept getting away with it..hun,mark my words this WILL BE THAT FINAL FULL STOP..even if your “special daddy” gets away with it a la sweeping things under the carpet…AFTER THIS SAGA,IN HIS LIFE IF HE SHOULD SPY TRAFFIC,HE WILL PERSONALLY GET DOWN AND DIRECT IT HIMSELF SAFELY AND IN A CULTURED MANNER, AND THEN DO THE FOOLS THANK YOU DANCE TO THE DAILY COMMUTERS…just so he lets us know that HE IS STILL THE DAMN FOOL…and he is grateful for the opportunity we have bestowed upon him to STILL mix in our midst..as per animals and humans now….wink wink…

My dear child,I suggest you quit abusing your internet privileges,and go and grab your nearest bible,quran or as I can bet okija-dudu-juju and chant or pray to whoever you believe in..because this is going to be one hell of a long ride….SHAMELESS GIRL.
I guess if Uzoma was your blood sister,you would open your dirty mouth to say that same trash eh?



Anonymous said...

These soldiers are animals! We still have a long way to go in Nigeria.

TMinx said...

This is really not a gender issue, no one should treat any Human being in such a manner..MAN or WOMAN. I have details of the protest to be held on my blog, lets not just talk, put all the talk into action. Its time to get up from those comfy couches.

Anonymous said...

The brutality of our men in uniform is just totally unacceptable. These guys in uniform need to be purged and it should begin at the very top.

I am reading the serialisation of Remi Obasanjo's book in the Vanguard (mother of Gbenga and Iyabo) and Gbenga Obasanjo does not look so bad after all. There are deep seated problems in the family and even our past president who should be a role model was utterly brutal to his wife. I wonder what we can really do to curb or minimise the brutality of the mean in uniform ?

bumight said...

not this time. this one should not, and cannot be resolved "internally". An apology no matter how heartfelt is not enough! What they did to that lady is criminal to say the least!

Anonymous said...

There are very little that have changed in Nigeria since the restoration of democracy. The government is a toothless bulldog that cannot take care of itself, how much more control the military. Until truly becomes commander in chief of the armed forces, all we have to say is "God should help all helpless Nigerians"

Anonymous said...

i am shaking with anger, this is totally unacceptable and its a pity everyone did not come out of the pwc office in throngs to oppose to this madness. I am not blaming anybody but if i was there i am very sure they would have beaten me senseless too but how many people can six men beat, i am so angry so ANGRY! Practically shaking with FURY! Pls Funmi, for those of us that live outside Nigeria, what can we do, TO SEE THAT JUSTICE IS DONE.

Anonymous said...

I had this same experience with my children in February this year involving The Imo State Gov convoy, though my clothes were not torn. My car was smashed from behind and the side with my 6 and 4 year old children in it(anything wud have happened)because I did not get off the road fast enough the 4 convoy on a sunday morning. I step out to ask why I'm being hit and I receive slaps, some slamming, in front of my children. I was even tagged as an UNKNOWN WOMAN afterwards. Well it was not caught on tape but pictures n reports went out to various quarters n nothing was done about it. What do you think I'm Thinking. Do we have to wait until it gets on CNN before we move? Many questions....

Kaycee 1, 9ja said...

Are we very sure Yar Adua is still in government? Cos, this is really debasing to our so called nascent democracy. This is really unacceptable. Funmi, hanks for starting the awareness. Where do we o from here? Pls , I really interested and want to be fully involved. my email: olakay4life@yahoo.com. This must STOP NOW.

Anonymous said...

This takes us back more than a decade! I will be keen to see how this is resolved or to put it more succinctly, how many heads roll over this. I am not sure that this is the kind of society we want to continue to live in or have our children grow up in...and personally I think it is high time we said NO to brutality of any sort.

It's bad enough that someone who could be our mother, sister or daughter is the victim, but I don't think ANY human being deserves to be treated in that manner. These men signed up to protect us and not treat us with such disdain and disrespect. We now need to re-examine the boundaries for service personnel in Nigeria during peace time...there must be acceptable behaviour and sanctions for falling short.

Funmi, I am sure you are friends with quite a few assembly women and men and or senators...now they need to earn their keep. We need to approach this from a legal standpoint to ensure that it never re-occurs.

Are there any parts of our current constitution that condone acts of this nature? They need to be repealed. I am sure that there is some clause in our current laws that make sure people are punished for the atrocity those men committed in the uniform of the Nigerian Navy. What say you?


The Activist said...

This is one offence that will not go unpunished a lot of organisations are on this now

wellsbaba said...

@anonymous,u quite keen on this issue n its understandable.loads of unimaginables hav happened here in 9ja but this one beats me.kilode?!I must tell you alot of pples,organisations e.t.c are on this case n I bliv justice wud b served...

Vera Ezimora said...

I hope the offenders are stripped of their badges and punished mercilessly. I cannot believe this! How could they be so cruel?

Unknown said...

HIGHLY DEGRADING. This is a pointer to our kind of society with a sitdown & look attitude, as long as i aint the one.

I say this is indeed the "last straw for the camel".

Let evryone take it upon themselves to keep this incidence alive in all publications and continually condem it till serious action is taken against the Admiral.

Goodness! Is democracy for animals???

Anonymous said...

I am not shocked but ANGRY!!!!!!!!!

I live in the UK, i was thinking of finishing my studies and head back home, but with this Uzoma's case i will rather disappear in UK where such barbaric act will never happen in a million yrs.( Police even tell me please and thank you)

This could have been me, my sis, friend, mum etc, who do i call ( i dont have connection) as they say in naija- Who u sabi

Funmi if there is anything you want us in diaspora to do just count me in

I will follow this case till the end- hope this beast be shamed and pay the price.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:20am
I heard of this story and I had to stay up all night to find out the extent of the sordity.I watched and I cringed...it was a human being this was done to...

LAYO AROGUNDADE: You had absolutely no right to come out publicly and make a statement that you thought was insignificant!Did you watch the video?Did you see the way she was dragged like a piece of chicken to be slaughtered for christmas?Was your father/relative not in the vehicle?Does he not have people of ur age in his life?Your stance has further rendered useless whatever Harry Arogundade might have thought to say/do!

The act was ABSOLUTELY despicable!!!People we all know what entails in Nigeria. Your making such statements further lends credence to the kind of offsprings that come from his family!

Do you know Muri Okunola?Do you know how narrow the road is especially when there is traffic on Ajose Adeogun?You should know how people atimes hit their cars during Lagos traffic normally bcos a silly and blazing siren is going off behind your rear when in a traffic that is obviously not going anywhere. I have barely been out of the country for 3 months so I still have a vivid picture in my head of the location of where PWC on Muri Okunola is situtated.

We all say we want a Nigeria that will get better:better security,safe place to live in, to raise your children, to be proud of.Is this the Nigeria we want?

Something happens and the children of the 'in people' would even shush you for speaking....

Pls people.This has got to stop.

Pls let our conscience talk.Do not keep quiet.The military have bitten more than they can chew this time around.Do you know the same things spans in the army and para-military i.e the police?The police -we all are familiar with.

We must not keep quiet, if we do it will repeat itself again and it could be anyone!!!

People lets put our selves in these shoes...even if her father did it 4 years ago, so what?I do not know her from Adam but when she was been dragged she was an innocent, harmless citizen.It could have been any of us!!!

Funmi Iyanda I beg of you, I will actively follow this issue.PLEASE do not let this issue die off.You are a public figure who speaks teh truth. It takes one to fight one.Harry Arogundade must be made to face and dance the music he has (albeit recklessly) created.

Nigeria will be better!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Promise the Nigerian Man that he will be police officer tomorrow, he will start to make arrests today! That's the psychology behind all these military and police convoy disasters. Maiming and intimidating the people they are supposed to protect. It is appalling. http://streamsong.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Really quite a depicable act by the admiral and his boys. They really have to face the full wrath of the law. However, I believe Ms. Okere's case is attracting this sort of huge headlines because of her 'connected' status as daughter of retired military man/senior staff of the National Assembly. Numerous cases abound of people who get molested and even murdered by these military bullies. Couple of days ago, a driver with FAAN was brutally beaten by military men. There are scores of 'ordinary people' who fall victims to these assaults every day in Lagos. I believe the press should give the plights of these guys a little bit more priority. Uzomma Okere's trauma at the hands of wild naval ratings is indeed saddening, and much as i fervently hope her case serves as warning to the military that their excesses can no longer be condoned; i also hope it serves as an eye opener to the Nigerian Press.

Divine Connection said...

It is very pathetic that the Nigeria of today still employ kuruntu who become drunk merely from the aura of the gun.

Ken Saro Wiwa got the noose; others paid the capital price as well. Their death becomes a sacrifice when we save thousands from similar penalties. Whether in 9ja or abroad, let’s not become too complacent as not to complain; you just never know when the noise against human right violation will strike the right chord.

To read my full report, visit http://ou-journal.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

@Iupo, I beg to disagree that Uzoma's case is making the rounds cos she's the daughter of a "who-is-who?", if I being a "nobody" was molested and someone who is technological savvy got a mobile fone recording of the incidence and happens to be on a social networking forum like facebook...it becomes instant breaking news. I always keep my camera handy for you never know what you can capture..nuff said. Abyurla

Anonymous said...

Miss Uzoma Okere you are our own "Rosa Parks"!
This is a statement I have made without any sense of humour but to reflect on this serious matter.

At different times, Nigerians oppress themselves with whatever power they have in they possession....name it, the so-called Men of God, Lecturers, Military Men, Local Government Chairmen,NEPA officials,traditional rulers... etc
(all living in an illusion)

The country is under a siege of sheer frustration and low self esteem.
The ratings might have been glad to carry out their ignoble act, more so seeing you in your own car.

What we need in this country is HUMILITY AND RESPECT FOR OURSELVES and we will get due respect in return.

All these show of force will not take us to the next level of human development as a people.

Even men of god in their convoy push us away in the traffic....

I salute Uzoma for your courage at the risk of your life.
Your dignity was intact which is inside you.
Your torn shirt is not a sign of self worth...that is external.
(You could have been at the pool)

We thank God they did not shoot at you to maim or kill you...a likely possibility.

I know the Admiral and his boys have learnt a lesson that it is quite DEMEANING engaging an armless citizen in this kind of tug of war.

You guys are too much for that. I believe you were not trained for such.

This is an opportunity for Uzoma's father at the National Assembly to use this opportunity to reflect on how the lawmakers are seriously working towards solving Nigerian problems.

It is sad, it was his daughter...but what about the unknown and countless fellow citizens who keep on suffering worse fate than this?

Our people need a total rebirth of the mind!
Some of us have lost our self esteem especially those who have cornered power and our commonwealth
in the past years.

doug said...

Unfortunately the admiral will not be dismissed and his aides will get away with a rap on the wrist.

We'll all be enraged, but the rage will gradually simmer as our focus drifts to the all-consuming task of daily survival in our dear country.

Sad, but not a total defeat. I think that with every new show of barbarism our cries get louder, we rally round much better and the attendant effects get stronger. We're getting there...

Anonymous said...

I saw this. I regret this. How does this serve as a catalyst? How many people wait in line to be served? How many people take shortcuts? How many people stand up to authority when they can? If we don't deal with the little things, how do we expect change?

It's only because no one is held accountable for anything that even the military think they can get away with this. If we start small, it'll snowball. Rosa Parks came at a time when the momentum had been built and the Civil Rights movement only needed a catalyst to light the fire. Is this truly "the one" or is this just because someone caught this on camera and put it on the net?

Y'all remember Rodney King? EXACTLY!

Sule Emmanuel, said...

For a white man to put a black man under slavery is wicked, but for a black man to put a black man under slavery is a tragedy. We are our own greatest enemies. We fight ourselves and delight in seeing the tears of our fellow man. We are a people without shame!

Who is this "Admiral" in our national story? What has he done for this country? I need to know, perhaps someone somewhere may knows better. But from the much I know, there is nothing laudable I can tie or trace to his name.

When the likes of Anthony Enahoro, Wole Soyinka, Gamaliel Onasode and others drive pass our roads, the sky does not fall. Perhaps, if this guy were some ‘Nnamdi Azikiwe’, there may not have so much ire about his stupidity! The heroes amongst don't intimidate us, only the morally bankrupt ones amongst us do!

We must stand against this wicked act that is gradually becoming a culture. On several occasions, I have seen people run into mud water, roadside hawkers and all what-not, just to avoid the wrath of the mentally-deficient and overzealous military men that accompany most of these "rulers". These "rulers" who are poor in spirit sit in their cars, bought with tax payers money [certainly over-inflated] and watch the very people they are supposed to protect hurt themselves just so they can have their way.

More than ever, it is time for every one of us to speak against this act of man’s inhumanity to man. We shouldn’t allow this guy’s colleague in wickedness shade him from the wrath of the Nigerian people.

The holy book says: “Listen! I am coming soon! I will bring my rewards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done.”

We will all face judgement, and one unavoidable question we will be asked is: “what did you do with and for your country in your lifetime.”

I wonder what this unadmirable admiral would say.

I hereby lend my voice against this desplicable act and the wicked character involved.


Anonymous said...

really there isn't much to say,the video says it all.
the problems of nigeria r too much..if its not juju its politics,if no be politics na jungle justice.
we have a long way to go........
i do hope justice prevails on dis case.

Anonymous said...

I know this is late but it happened to me on August 31, 2005. I was beaten blue-black in abuja by some MOPOLs because i "beat a 2-cars convoy carrying 2 "chinks". The funny thing was they had howled abuses on me and continued their journey. 3 minutes later i drove into my street on "MINISTERS HILL" and they recognised me and my car and stopped me. Broke my car windows and dragged me out and beat me real bad. I'm female by the way. The bastards punched me in the neck/throat area several times. Have you ever heard of someone being punched in the throat? Not even boxers do that. The chinks stood at the gate of the chinese restaurant they went to and just watched. I'm sure they must have thought...."these people are really monkeys....no, monkeys are more civilized so they must be worse than monkeys" To cut the story short, they took me to Nile police station claiming i should be searched and interrogated for the assasination attempt on the chinks; orders from the presidency....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...that cracked me up.....months later though..lol. The policemen at the station were pissed to say the least. They sympathised with me. My best friend who is a famous actress was so mad. Wanted to involve the press. But i was a coward. I was scared cos i was a youth corper in abuja, running my brother's business and just trying to LIVE. I lived alone with no protection what so ever. Afterall, i was molested and harrassed by the people who were supposed to protect me. I am so proud of this girl. She's fighting for all of us....for ME! I pray she wins this fight. The 100 million naira is crap. It should be more and the perpetrators should be flogged naked in the village square (treat them like the animals that they are), dismissed from the navy and any other force they may be involved in, and jailed for life.....i know, i know...that ain't gonna happen cos it's NAIJA!! SAD!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Funmi,

Hope the New Year found you in great spirits I actually kept the RSS for the comments on this blog post because its a matter dear to my heart.

Has justice been served?


Anonymous said...

Disgusting!!!!!!!!!! Why havent we heard the fall otu from this issue? Has there been a cover up? Was this video seen on CNN? The vagabonds who call themselves armed forces need to be put in their place.. IN THE BARRACKS!