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Monday, November 24, 2008

5 unbelievable things people don’t know but should know about FI

1. that she’s shy
2. that she’s a glutton
3. that she’s a shameless (because she’s not really good at it) untiring dancer
4. that she’s a poor student, been trying to learn to swim, play tennis and the piano on and off for years.
5. that she’s serious minded but do not take herself too seriously.


aloted said...

What exactly does shy mean cuz I don't believe FI is shy...i think shyness would not stopped her from doing a good job with her show.

Anonymous said...

lol, re u for real, FI is shy? lol, unbelievable. I really do admire her zeal.

Chris Ogunlowo said...

Very funny... that she is a poor student. But she is smart!

@ No 5, I'm not surprised.

La Reine said...

If she's shy then she does a great job of overcoming it.
-A great example for us shy ones....

sugarlomps said...

i believe all except 1
shy FI is shy well thats hard to digest.

Anonymous said...

Shy my foot.. If facing the camera and talking candidly is shyness then i dont want to be daring.. Thump up Aunty Funmi... i think they should study you in our secondary schools..Lol>> you are my role model

Anonymous said...

Shy. I agree. I totally agree. The fact that it was written as number one says a lot too. Forget the Funmi on screen, the Funmi that has wined and dined with the elite in the society, when it comes down to it, and I'm told you are a shy person, I believe. And it just makes me admire u more.