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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Style rule no 1

I am not a great fan of style interviews, actually I am not a great fan of interviews, period! You know what they say, doctors are worst patients plus some journalists can ask the most craw baiting questions that becomes ones misfortune to answer. Reason, poor preparation and research but I must stop the musing. Anyways, Desola Bakare of Encomium magazine calls me for a style type interview, I say yes because it is Desola and she is not a self loather and I like her.

When I told her I am a lazy girl with fashion, beauty and all the rest of the shebang and don’t and won’t plan outfits and looks ahead of time and go into a panic if I lose a zip or button. I suspect she didn’t believe me so yesterday when I stumbled on these pictures taken by the tireless Funmi I decided to show them to Desola as proof.
Oh how I miss NEW DAWN! Oh how excited I am about what is coming next!!

So here am in picture one getting made up for the days’ show by the lovely Oluchi who sometimes stands in when my magician in chief Bayo Haastrup goes AWOL. Note her top and my tee shirt.

Here I am all dressed and ready to roll but I noticed that the lightness of the colour and texture of the blouse was washing the colour off my face on the monitor.

Here I call Ebuwa who was directing and my former PA “the bill” for second opinion

Note the expressions on their faces.

I had a brain wave and I asked Oluchi to pop behind the set with me and exchange tops, voila problem solved, no drama, no tantrum, it is okay that the blouse is a little loose and ill fitting, attitude l’omo… cameras roll.

As I no be agbaya, I gave Oluchi the top as keepstakes and returned her top after the show.

Style rule no 1 to 10,
Drink lots of water, eat your veggies and don’t take yourself too seriously.

New fun game: if you pick an outfit from the old days of NEW DAWN, I’ll tell you the story behind it once a week. Also since I get so many agony aunt kind letters, I will start a monthly agony aunt post in response, so send me your problems and lets talk, l can’t solve them but we can share them.


Nonesuch said...

lol @ you but i'm not surprised its so FI to do something like that. we all do need to take ourselves less seriously. looking forward for that which is to come. I miss New Dawn too. I have you thot of a complete DVD of all the interviews from New Dawn? i remeber your interview with orlando owoh last year and it will be a nice keepsake now he is gone. I can go on and on. think about it.


Dear Funmi, need i say u'v been the source of inspiration to many of us, your inspiring spirit as well as the spirit to reach out to others beyond yourself is laudable and i am proud like others that you are a Nigerian and a woman.god bless you.

Anonymous said...

i hope funmi will see this. Sorry, i forgot, how are u? does that sound blunt? sorry. Nigeria's way. Just wanted to bother u. hi

Femi Oladele said...

there is always a rule apart from the rule of law and the rule of the thumb. do u know what this rule is? watch out for ...enriching...