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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Energy Scandals

As I type this late Monday evening, it occurs to me that I might actually be clinically deaf otherwise how do I bear the noise from the five heavy duty generators (mine inclusive) roaring all around my house. Even the “silent” ones are hissing in anger at the extended use they are put to. All weekend I had read with alarm the reports of the scandalous energy contracts and other forms of mass armed robbery under the last anti corruption administration of chief Obasanjo. Some are calling for probe of those involved; my smirk scrunches my ringing ears as I think of all the probes and indictments sitting gathering dust in some offices in Nigeria whilst the culprits walk free. Suddenly, the song being played in the next compound filters through my deafness and its KONGA growling “E ju won si konga! E ju won si konga!!” (throw them in the well), now that’s a good idea I think as I lie back with that scene from 300 were the messenger with the kohl darkened eyes gets kicked into the deep dark dank well. Chinese style anybody?


Sherri said...

lol@ e juwon si konga!
got to be a dry well. cos it wud be a a waste of a good well.

Whole Truths said...

I am encumbered by the respect we as Africans have for the elderly! That is why i'm not going to comment on the unending thieving of our soo called elders!!...until next week, that is!!!
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Whole Truths said...

These people will kill us! Today, ThisDay, Two Headlines: 450 Million Naira stolen by former Wema Bank MD! Mrs. Prof. Grange allegedly misappropriated i.e. STOLE!300 Million Naira!
Funmi e lagi mo won!!!RoofTop MCs Style!!!

Whole Truths said...

The Chronicles of Nirvana.
The Rivers as if overcome with joy, were filled with Cool.Calm.Collected Water! Beautiful flowers grew out of season on the Sal trees above buddah’s couch and the tress bent down and showered golden flowers. Nirvana in religious philosophy is a transcendent state free from suffering and individual phenomenal existence! The word literally means to become ‘cool’The connotation is that only in nirvana are the flames of lust, hatred, greed, and unending thievery ended! It started out in the early BC’s, a transcendent state of phenomenal existence, one of religious philosophy and piety! One of Eternal bliss! Its nature and origins have been much debated by western scholars; some maintaining that it involves total rebirth and others interpreting it as eternal bliss. For sure no one knows…exactly, but this much is known! Nirvana is ultimately indescribable experience that can only be felt and experienced! Nigeria has yet to experience nirvana! God save us from our Perfidious Leaders/Elders! They are supposed to be too Old to steal!!

Unknown said...

I couldn't help but giggle at the image of the 'silent' gens hissing in anger!! The situation's that bad- you laugh so that you don't spend all your time bawling your eyes out!