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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Re: Push to pull

I do agree that all I need to know for now is that Chelsea rules, now to more mundane issues which I have distilled into 10 most important.

Comment: Obj cried cos he is leaving without Stella.

Response: I'm sure he has "consolations"

Comment: Obj prayed that may Goodluck not be like Atiku & there was a resounding Amen.

Response: I bet Goodluck is praying that Yar'adua won't be like Obj.

Comment: Obj said he never wanted third term.

Response: Yeah right

Comment: Governor of Adamawa cried for 16 minutes retelling his travails for being loyal to Atiku.

Response: Enough with the cry babies already.

Comment: You should know, by the way, that Uncle Oby, aka Baba Jay, aka OBJ gave himself a farewell present in the form of the PH refinery, under the guise of a sale to a conglomerate consisting of Dangote, Otedola (Zenon Oil0 and Transcorp.

Comment: Funny how these same names keep coming up time again in the fire-sales of government property. This same PH refinery that others have been placing bids for for years, and have had the exercise cancelled like, thrice already.

I dont remember Uncle Oby ever relinquishing his 200 million naira worth of shares now? Tut Tut.

Response: Na dem turn, the new choppers will soon collect their thing.

Comment: A campaign is on to stop a TV documentary on child sex abuse in the Catholic church being aired in Italy. The church denies it claiming it is slanderous. There is no smoke without fire!!

Response: Down with censorship. Out with the closet pedophiles in cassocks. Now that's what Jesus would do!

Comment: The Chinese government is providing the largest amount of aid ($10bn) to Africa. I say what's the catch?? Just hope we're not selling our birthright!!
Response: Of course we are not selling our birthright. That's sold already. We are selling our grandchildren's birthright in exchange for mirrors.

Comment: Ground breaking news for France is a woman of North African origin (Rachida Dati) has just been elected the new French Justice Minister by newly-elected President Sarkozy.
That's it for now...

Response: North African, Muslim and female. Very smart, sexy, hip, very green, very now!

a) Mourinho's dog is safe and sound but exiled in Portugal.
b) Police say hopes are fading for missing 4yr old Madeline McCann. Please visit CalabarGals blog for more info on this.
c) Gordon Brown cant stop grinning. Please pray for us and our taxes oh!

a) Player dawg haters!
b) 2, 2, sad
c) Come home jare!

Comment: Idols West Africa finals to hold next Saturday. Eric was voted out last week, Temitayo was voted out this week leaving Timi and Omawumi to contest for the grand prize.

Response: My money is on Timi

Finally on Isabella Blow?
Better have 48 fabulous anachist years than 100 barren, unimpactful ones. No doubt the hereafter is a little more interesting with Ms Blow there. Adieu


Anonymous said...

What exactly does chelsea rule? As The chamions league final is being played as i write---and chelsea ain't in it!!

Anonymous said...

nice responses and very very funny.okay let me have a go

comment:was the election rigged in nigeria?

response:go figure!

Anonymous said...

Funmi have u really seen the uproar on Bella naija's blog?Its about you.They called you a HO.Because of the way you dress all the time.That's so not fair.All these Haters need to take a break!

Anonymous said...

love the comments and response. lol @ the obj ones.

Anonymous said...

did anyone ever tell you, miss iyanda dat u're d cutest (dat dimple and d smile werk for me anytime!), coolest, most coherent crazy person around? love ur mind.

Admin UD said...

Nice one funmi. I sincerely hope all these cry for Maddie's safe return wont be in vain oo!

Anonymous said...

na wah, when i voted that bella had the right to delete commments on her post I did not know it was some bruoha about a dress. neither did I know it was about funmi iyanda's dress when i read about the oprah comments. not until this morning did I find out. what is wrong with us naija people? why are we so vindinctive that we are quick as to verbally abuse an individual merely because of our jealousy? she is doing well for herself, what is wrong in being open and admitting she is doing well and/or aspiring to be like her. what did she do wrong. she wore a dress, and so what. she looked hot and there was nothing inappopriate about it. she has a great body and legs to pull it off. I am in my mid-twenties and have been frequenting the gym for the past few weeks just to look as good as funmi iyanda does. her personal business is hers so is what she wears, so butt off all you haters with venom. funmi, please do not let this bother you in anyway, people were there before you and did not take the initiative like you have done. and if they had the initiative, none of them took the action like you did. please keep up your goodwork without being mindful of the people that do nothing than post hateful comments, you know where your rewards her. and none of them can give you the rewards you have earned and keep earning. keep up and your goodwork. and bella, please keep posting the outfits.

Gregbosa said...

i liked ur response about china.. seems like we being re-colonized all over again! very soon it will be rich china middle class in nigeria versus the local poor nigerians.. den maybe at that point when a majority of them have gained citizenship they will be running for presidency.

Ms. Catwalq said...

who is Isabella Blow?

KAYTEE said...

Ebe like sey old age don dey catch up with mama shrimp,Which one be CHELSEA RULES,u don 4get sey so many of us(Funmilites)are not chelsea fans,spare us ur blues wahala,but we do love you sha!keep up the good work and remain as crazy as ever.

laspapi said...

Any team but chelsea.

Those questions on Nigeria covered it all.

Anonymous said...

HA HA! funny responses but i will have to disagree on one thing....Its all about Arsenal!!!!!!! :)

PS- Im still keeping hope alive for Madeline, God Bless her family

Judy123 said...

Funmi's admirer why do i have this sneaky feeling that you are playing Devil's advocate? Though Funmi has a right to wear whatever she cares to wear, i just feel she should carry her burden of responsibility for being a Role Model to a lot of youths a little more responsibly. But lady, I admire your brain.