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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Last Sunday on Idols

Please please Dede and co if na joke stop am oh. What do they (the judges) mean that this cabaret performance by Jodie was a great rendition of Tina Turners 80s hit What's Love Got To Do With it? I don't understand the language of Foster and Nana who are mostly grunting or grinning but surely Dede you know better. As a devoted lifelong fan of Tina turner who knows all her songs by heart, have all the videos and plays Proud Mary everyday, l can tell you that Jodie MURDERED that song, simply just murdered it. This is not a case of interpreting it differently but of killing the song, then murdering it. As Fela would say, "na real dead bodi get accident yeepa" rendition.

What is with that awful dress and spangly belt that made the poor rather short girl look stocky? With her lack of height and curvy but heavy proportions she needed an ultra short dress (or short shorts like she wore once) or a long sleek dress to give her height and elongate her silhouette. With that dress her nice enough legs just looked stumpy and comparing them (that's you magic baby) to Tina's toned, shapely and fabulous legs is sacrilege. I have nothing against Jodie who did a brilliant rendition of an Aretha Franklin number a few weeks ago but this week no be am at all at all and Simon Cowell would agree with me. My favourites last Sunday were Timi and Temitayo. And the person who should go and ought to have gone since is Jerrylin.


Thoughts of a Virgo said...

lol,thats funny.

Unknown said...

Funmi, so you watch this show too? Jodie did not impress me last Sunday at all! Wrong song, wrong outfit, in fact the whole show from performance to eviction was just rubbish. Mercy didn't deserve to go. I'm still pained for her. Couldn't bring myself together enough to write my usual summary on the performances. Jerilyn is obviously the weakest link and I hope she goes next week.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@tayo, l watch o when l'm in town and l'd been holding my peace till last sunday's show, maybe l was taking out my frustration about the elections on the poor girl but that performance was bad meen. Going to check out your blog now.

Bella Naija said...

LOL....I feel you on this one.
Sometimes, the judges comments just do not correlate with the performance at all!
About Jerrilyn, I like her, she is a single mother, refugee etc...but this is a singing competition. She needs to be bounced!

aloted said...

Hi Funmi, must let u know that I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work :)
I agree with you that Jodie didnt do so well with the Tina Turner song but she try small now (its prolly the elections vexing you, it is enough to vex any Nigerian jare!)
Personally, I think Timi and Jodie are the best in the show and I have no idea what Jerilyn is still doing in there!! Pls is there a way of voting that girl out?!

internationalhome said...

maybe she was just a bit ill!

Unknown said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I finally posted the Idols update.

Anonymous said...

are you observing the mess going on on baba alaye's blog comment!
The seems to be one of obj's sons and likes to drop innuendoes and all.someone called him on the elections(more like calling obj an 'inept buffoon')
Do you think the guy should be held responsible for his dad's action or lack of?
the comments are becoming as interesting as the blogs this days.
Jerilyn ought to have been voted out weeks ago by the way-i think its about time they sang indigenous songs(mothertongue or suff like olufunmi,paul play-anything,just not another shania twain!)
sorry i'm ranting- my husband and I voted too albeit at my parents' insistence.Took less than 3 minutes-so disheartening but the question is what next?

Anonymous said...

I've to agree, d part at d end of d song was baaad. And trying to dress and act like Tina is a NO-NO. She's got a class of her own and no1 can step on it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Funmi,I agree with you on the performances.Jerrilyn certainly has to go and Jodie wasn't Jodie.I enjoyed your interview with Shan George today.You made me love the actress for her down to earth nature.I was also wondering,there is a blog title "Each New dawn" on blog spot. www.matse-michelle.blogspot.com, do you have any affilation to this person?

Anonymous said...

ahn ahn aunty funmi,aunty agbaya,give the young ones a chance now without knocking them down.kilode?you know jodie before?she snatch uncle segun from you?

Funmi Iyanda said...

@tayo, seen your blog, why are there so many smart people around and our country be as he be. You were kind to LASG on that BRT story, even me wey be "family friend" no get what the idea is of narrowing inadequate roads with the BRT lanes and the current road partitioning for bus lane is surely a joke.

@Bella Naija, trust you to know where to hit me :-) single mother? refugee? Jerrylin? What can l say? But it is a singing competition and she doesnt make the cut. However something tells me that gal is a tough cookie and she's not going to just fade away.

@my talking beginnings "Effie we all gat painnnnn". (addicted to the DREAMGIRLS soundtrack) Seriously though l was more pissed at the judges than jodie, l know she can sing.

@debby, not that l know of but the NEW DAWN as a phrase is a fav generic term in naija.

@larape. yes o, l,m waiting for the Nigerian songs too but did l hear you say babaalaye is back? why didnt anybody tell me? see y'al.

internationalhome said...

Annonymous...synonymous with gutless and liverless!!!!Show yourself if you dare.

Unknown said...

Funmi, thanks for the compliment ... and hope you'll visit again.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ my talking beginnings, "fi igbe le fun agbepo" (leave the shat for the shit parker).

@ tayo, l definitely will.

Anonymous said...

aunty Funmi, u never cease to baffle me.U mean u are down with this Idols? ..well, i was surprised it had to be jodie, i thot with all of my heart that it'd be jerilyn. Missed a coupla shows but I know jodie is good, Timi too and I naturally like Omaomi. the weakest is jerilyn and like dede said, its sympathy thats still keeping her there. What can we say but hope they remaining ones come up with better presentations in coming shows. peace out.

Belema said...

I wasnt impressed either thanks for posting the video clip !!