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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ln a hurry

l like this story written by Jumoke Giwa, who is herself an inspiration if she,ll ever get around to telling her story with brutal honesty. June is an example of the true silent angels. perhaps we can contact and welcame her to big bad wonderful 9ja. there is a sweet pcture of her in iro and buba ankara on jumoke,s site.

www.Igilandi.org -Canadian lives her dream in Nigeria.


Anonymous said...

iewat i want to say dont relate to dis but saw nd heard u say in inside out dat ders no excuse for crime so tell me wen abused by one of ur parents or uncles nd o one believes u cos its a kids words aganst an adult.wat is left nd don tel me of any ngo cos de are so many but crime is still on the rise,or all these smal cities lik abia wer does laws don exist nwat do such a fela do in such a circumstance.
am sorry but im don believe in ngo or foundations. thanks for caring

Anonymous said...

Yeah! big sis Funmi, you really wrote that in a hurry.I just hope you are doing great. jummy is sure welcome to our obodo Naija.

Anonymous said...

As i was saying i don hav any ting aganst dem but all celebs hav and crime is on the rise. i don kno for u cos dis is a conty wer de offendr once rich gets away and the victimsd face th emotional trauma alone and even if u spek up people get to luk nd side tuk each time de see u which parent wud nwant and ex-rape victim as an in law or who witout money can tak care of her self and survive in state maybe lag is diff. cos pepl speak up but watof de lower class who pay for de gov., fuyds wich de know de thiefs. do u tink no wan to speak up no but the consequence i ve not told any one this but much pain is caused by de rejection faced and fear of ultraccizatiuon by de society .
so we die nwil de culprits get away wit it,am feeling drained and re-opening old thoughts and feelings.am sury dis tim don agrfee wit ur soln dis wed. and de woman,hoiw du u trust wen u hav been betrayd and humiliated,
tell me and explain if u understand and get this mail plus previous from annonymous about ur tuk on ur show and inside out .send comments to www.cleoterria.blogspot.com

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ anonymous. Not sure l understand what you are trying to communicate to me. l have never and wuld never justify a crime especially against a child. i trust the purity of a child's mind. l sense something has happened here and l would like to help if l can. please send me a personal email at funmi@newdawnwithfunmi as to a number to reach you on and l,ll get in touch. But that is only if there is a legit issue as communicated in the email.

l am not a fan of NGOs myself and l am careful about associating wth any. Jummy does not run an NGO that l know of. She was talking about June and l,m inspired by a lone middle aged woman coming to share skills in a strange new country. she is not a celeb and is not bringing money just herself.


your are fantastic and doing great things for this country i wish we had more women like you. i remember before i moved to nigeria, i heard u were like so stuck up it was crazy but then i think i once saw you at a function, oh yeah at Tee-As wedding and saw u talking to people u didnt know (dont ask) and im there thinking ohmigod is this the same stuck up woman?????
anyway your show is fantastic as well. keep up.

Anonymous said...

heymaybe neva heard of it but i do know dat der is no law againstn such and am telling u dat de get away cos de know de can. okay wat do u tell a girl whose step pappi did it to nd her mum betrayes her by forcing her to lie eventhou knowing the truth all becos she depends on the dude,why wont she turn to a life of crime wer even ur mum dont believe and de next thin de sign her up into a psychiaTRIC HOME claiming dat she has a problem and wen runs to an N.G.O de turn her out so dats my offence stil tel u dat most crime are not commited on purpose so dont judge cos som hav had real bad experience dat sometimes u consider a foster home and being a fugitive in anuder conty. dats suffering in de mist of many and hey didnt say ur friend was a celeb,just speakin in general and wat did u do abut de harrassment in de sports sector or stil luking for prove.rember wat i said non wud speak up cos of e stigma and de dirty feeling worse dan u felt wen de shit was thrown in ur fcce so face it de get away wit it. bye