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Friday, September 21, 2007

Today on the floor of the house

Please madam speaker, RESIGN NOW


Abi Popoola said...

This is just ridiculous, just when we were all starting to believe that women are indeed taking charge to make a difference! its appauling the way and manner Madam speaker has approached her job. She really needs to go now before another can of worm opens! shame!

House of Virtue said...

Isn't it such a shame, the free for all amongst our 'honourables.'

It got me thinking about a quote from Samuel Small, author of the book, Character, "As for institutions, however good in themselves, they will avail but little in maintaining the standard of national character. It is the individual men, and the spirit which actuates them, that determine the moral standing and stability of nations. Government, in the long run, is usually no better than the people governed. Where the mass is sound in conscience, morals, and habit, the nation will be ruled honestly and nobly. But where they are corrupt, self-seeking, and dishonest in heart, bound neither by truth nor by law, the rule of rogues and wirepullers becomes inevitable." God bless you Funmi.

Anonymous said...

She wont funmi,she is a Nigerian have u forgotten so eaily.Mu greatest problem with her is that she will destroy all the great maeks women have been known for in Nigeria.I saw it coming

~Mimi~ said...


catwalq said...

Not again...
why are these politicians so unashamed to display their previous employment history of touting?
And that woman, giving the rest of us a bad name

linda ikeji said...

I second you Funmi

Soul said...

Can someone please explain to me...
why this woman should resign?.

Why she is now the representative of all women?
Why her actions and her actions alone are the standard by which the 'politiking of all women are being judged'

Can someone also tell me who the people fighting in the picture are?

Is this the first time people in the senate have come to blows?

If not.. was there a call for the perpetrators then to resign?

I can't make the pics out quite clearly, is that a man fighting a woman or 2 men fighting? In the senate???..

What about the other participant in the fight? Is he being asked to resign, and if not... why not?

i need clarity on the issue. Can someone please provide it.
- thank you


It's long overdue!...Madam speaker and all her cronies should resign. Infact, the whole house of reps members should resign...they were never voted for in the first place anywayz!!
@ Soul,
I have live streaming videos of these despicable lawmakers-turn-lawbreakers embarrassing our nation in fisticuffs. At least, that will get some of your questions answered.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@all, the answer to souls question is in house of virtue's quotation. l am waiting for when the Nigerian people, the RULED get tired enough to buck the beast. Me l reached that point since 1997, got a respite in 1999 and have been back thee since 2003.
And yes where l from know the woman, she doesnt represent me or millions of hardworking honest Nigerian women. Let no one even metion the yoruba word since Adedibu and co have decided to find the ethnic angle. The only reason such women thrive in partisan politics is because of the kind of MEN that there.

Soul said...

Okay, I've just watched the video on Nigerian Politcs website and I am puzzled.

I was expecting to see this woman fighting, but she wasn't. Why are people calling for her to resign NOW based on behaviour which she has absolutely no control over?.

She didn't ask the man who jumped over a table to yell at her and be threatening, and she did not ask the guy in the white to turn around and defend her, nor did she ask him to start punching anybody.

Whilst what she is alleged to have done might be disgraceful if she DID do it and deserves to be punished just the same way as all the men who do this in the senate are punished, she should in no way be blamed for the attitudes of these Fully grown individuals!

I find it completely appalling that people are screaming for her resignation because some 'go harders' decided the best way to show their support was to come to blows.
Why is nobody calling for these men to be thrown out of the senate?
What is it in Nigeria where women keep getting held responsible for men's behaviour?.

I have no problem with people calling for her to resign because of what she is 'alleged' to have done, but for this.
This is beyond ridiculous.

I am completely, 100% dead set against anybody blaming this woman

Why is she being held responsible for the behaviour of some grown ass men?

Seriously why is this woman being held responsible for the behaviour of 2 grown ass men?

Soul said...

That kind of thinking is beyond dangerous.

This woman is an individual and regardless of her background she is a politician. Period.

Why is she giving alll women a bad name?. She might be giving you a bad name but she is most definitely not giving me one.

So when successive male politicians are corrupt do we say they give all men a bad name?.

Jesus freaking christ..
2 grown ass men fight, and it's now the fault of the woman? I swear ... people can't make this shit up

douby said...

I agree with Soul that Etteh has given herself a bad and not every Nigerian woman, but when Elleen Serleaf Johnson became the Lberian president, she made every black woman proud. Truth is wether we like it or not Mrs etteh's bad judgement and greed has reflected badly on Nigerian women

chisom said...

@ douby a dit.... Serleef Johnson did make women proud though in recent times she hasn't lived up to it. However she did not really make every african woman look good (the way we still get treated at the immigrations bears witness to this). What it just showed was that finally african women were beginning to take risks and chances at leadership.

I quite agree with Soul that it doesn't reflect badly on "all Nigerian women" but on the country as a whole. I didn't see abacha's behavior pushed on all men or Idi amin's for that matter.

That said, i think she should resign when she is found guilty (even though we all know she is, Let the dumb leaders figure out how to outsmart her.