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Friday, September 21, 2007

Saints and Sinner All

Talking about the wife, one of the giants is addicted to Big Brother Africa 2 and assures me that the brain curdling exercise in voyeurism is worthwhile. I hear there is an adulterer, a tease, a tart, a fool, plenty of gossip and full frontal sex. How fabulous! I caught a few hours yesterday and did see the chemistry between Richiana (Richard and Tatiana), which is of course doomed to failure, most affairs end that way. A man who is unfaithful to one will be unfaithful to all, if he falls in love, he should do the honourable thing and end with one before going on to the other. If he falls in lust, that's a whole different and very familiar game usually called kulumodi by the other giant. As for the girl Tatiana, I hear she that she was raised a Jehovah's Witness?

As l watched Richiana steam up my screen I wondered if the wife was watching and how she must be feeling, most importantly, has she drawn up the divorce papers? If on the other hand it was all a ply to get rid of her anyway, she must stay and make his life miserable but only if she can get that hottie brother of his into the sack too. The Ghanaians with the fake American accent is a disgrace to his lovely, down to earth and genteel people.

My experience with Ghanaians especially the men is that they are genuine, calm (otherwise known as slow in 9ja), and real, whachumacalhim is an aberration, a preening, fake ass, gossiping wimp. Right Charlie? The full frontal sexing South African girl Lerato is just an insecure lump of flesh over compensating with aggression, stridency and stomach churning tarting. Cover that arse gurl! Eish! Ofunneka our sister is doing the respectable 9ja female thing, cooking, cleaning and mothering, the mind numbing landscape only broken by occasional dancing and flashes of her rather attractive athletic body. I no blame am bo, if she try any of that lerato/Tatiana stuff, na stones go welcome her for Muritala airport. Maureen? Who dat? The other girl in braids from Zimbabwe l think, is a manipulative, nasty piece of work, albeit a smart one. Maxwell, good riddance and Cody, please cut that air and wash your scalp. Who should win? Don't know, don't care, what l worry about is why the heck am l watching, commenting and even tempted to join in the texting. Whoever the babalawo of the creators of BB is, l carry yansh for you.


Iyaeto said...

I saw something like this last night on NTA International. Grown up men (fathers and grandfathers) throwing punches,slaps, standing on tables!!The chairman managed to announce dat the hearing will now be behind closed doors. Funmi I second d motion Madam Etteh should RESIGN! Apparently one of the "contractors RESIGNED!

Chude said...

you noticed ofunneka's great bod too?!! oh such a waste she's making it!lol but our girl comes out decent - and that;s never a bad thing. i think. My comment on Richiana is rabid and sanctimonious, do i'd rather not.

MissO said...

Wow Lady Funmi only you can explain a show to be that great, i actually want jump on the wagon and start wacthing, i live in the states anybody know s where i wacth at even if it is a website. By Miss Funmi you have been missed.

Soul said...

Every time I have ever come across 'relity TV' i've wondered to myself...

'Why am I spending time watching other people live their lives'. and immediately the thrill just escapes me.
i find reality TV, too contrived and quite boring. i'd rather wat fantasy any day. i just don't have the patience to watch people argue or struggle over mundane things.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@iyaeto, thats why reality tv will never be huge in Nigeria, we have theatre, tv, movie and all live, real time and free to air daily in our leaders, police and other functions of governance. We are living breathing reality media nation.

@ soul, l know what you mean but mind numbing TV is addictively soothing particuraly after surviving a day in the wonderful city of god.

@chude, avert you eyes brother Chude!

@misso, how for do now :-)? check out the BBA2 website, perhaps thet'll have into but me l can only take bits and pieces at a time and one of the giants supplies updates at dinner.