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Monday, September 24, 2007

Here's looking at you kid

This is why l like Daily Trust, pity the distribution is not wide in southern Nigeria

I have compulsively begun to read Ishaq Modibbo, this is why. Note his spot on opinion on the attempt to "ethnicize" ETTEGATE.

Then there reports like these:

But why print the opinions of this "person"?


Ladybrille said...

Refreshing on the gift issue. I took it for granted that that was the status quo over--that is no gifts. I have had gifts sent and I have to return them. I like autonomy over my work and like to say what I say and mean what I say including saying it sucks if it sucks. Good policy in place although interesting that sometimes gray areas do come up. The NY times also has a good policy re: this.

douby said...

the question i'd like to ask is didn't mrs etteh know her back needed massaging before now? how come massaging her back has become suddenly so imperative now that she has free money to burn.i'd like to see the house she used to leave in before she became a dis... oops, sorry honourable

Chxta said...

I've always enjoyed reading Daily Trust since I first encountered the paper in 2004. Another one I rate is Leadership. But their websites need a revamp (like most Naija papers though)...

jjc girl said...

My first time of reading this paper, thanks for this. (Fantastic piece on el-Rufai.) Such a welcome change from my usual diet of self-important hacks. It seems to me that the same religious fervour that motivated the laudable "honesty is the best policy" statement may lie behind the gruesome anti people living with HIV/Aids sentiments. How for do?

BISOLA said...

who the heck was that idang guy i beg you??? I just couldn't believe that piece.

secondly, funmi, how can we mobilise to ensure patricia etteh doesn't stay a day longer than absolutely necessary? you mean she honestly was a hair dresser? Is this the best we could honestly come up with? haba, i beg funmi, you know how to reach people that matter, can we get signatures on a petition asking her to resign and submit them to whoever needs to get them? Can we make our voices heard please, especially the yorubas? chai! o ma ka mi lara! abeg funmi what can we do?

Salewa said...

What is wrong with Etteh being a former hairdresser? The cassock they say does not make a priest. Nigerians must realise that what makes a person is who he/she is and not the titles they have or jobs they have done. If we have issues against Etteh, lets address those issues and not denigrate her for being a hairdresser/beautician.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that Modibbo was ethnicising anything... after all it's a fact that Adedibu said those words, it's also a fact that Adedibu is a hugely powerful Yoruba leader.
On the AIDS piece, I guess free speech means that even people who spout vile, repulsive and repugnant nonsense are entitled to be heard. If it were a staff writer of the Trust that had written that dog-crap it would be different - and in a way it's good to air these prejudices and silly ideas so that we know they exist and know how to tackle them - I would expect the Trust to either accompany or follow up the piece with one that clearly refutes the trashy arguments made by the opinion writer. I hope this was done.