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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Watch the ball

The oracle is one of those strange Nigerian men who truly absolutely, completely, unequivocally do not give a ****(insert your own palatable brand of impoliteness) about football, he is ignoring it. The giants are of course football mad and are itching to go see it, the omowe is only coming into football consciousness and will I suspect apply her usual academic integrity to become an expert on the subject in the near future. The Funbob is interested only as long as there are fun activities around it to participate in; currently she is moaning the sudden disappearance of men on account of it. I, in usual bipolarity swing between ambivalence and cell jiggling excitement at it. Its Football, nations’ cup, 22 men running around a colourful (love the Ghanaian colours inspired ball) inflated piece of rubber in a bid to raise a few millions of their country men into heights of ecstasy or pits of despair.

The giants and I are determined to see the last few matches live in Ghana. Thus far, looks like a change of guard is on course, the subduing of Nigeria and the humiliation of Cameroon by newer, younger, hotter kids in the Ivorian and Egyptian team respectively. Did you see Kalo hypnotize the Nigerian defence to score that goal or Zidan's run to goal? I am not going into the politics of preparation and the continuous search for and grooming of new talent, I just want to enjoy scintillating football and this tournament looks set to deliver on that thus I am turning my living room into a viewing centre, somebody pass the chicken suya round please.


Anonymous said...

My dear Aunty Funmi,

Kalo did not hypnotize us. I prefer to say that the sun was in the eyes of the Nigerian defenders at the time Kalou made his run for the goal. Or perhaps the boys fell asleep for one second only. Or perhaps... (insert another flimsy excuse here).