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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All my girls 2

Apologies this is a little late. Now this is my list of women I am currently fascinated with. They are the ones I'd love to have to lunch, dinner and breakfast the morning after with.

Asa, (singer)
Reserved, mysterious, brilliantly gifted, fabulously grounded Asa (Eagle, real name Bukola Elemide). I met her about four years ago when she came on my show, she played her music, I was blown away, she spoke her timeless wisdom in that raspy unique voice, smiling shyly but knowingly through her glasses, quickly I became an Asa groupie. Beside the amazing talent, here is an ultra cool, dignified, wise young woman who is true to herself and comfortable in her own shoes. Her self-titled Album is incredible and a must buy, must play, must tell others about.

What will happen? She will win a Grammy one day.

Chimamanda Adichie (scholar, author)
Spoke about her before but every new encounter deepens my appreciation for the talent, intellect and character of this amazing woman. One on one she is razor sharp in wit and speech weaving effortlessly from one diverse topic to another. She is also funny, sexy and mischievous with that annoying ability of the truly fabulous to be self-depreciating but supremely confident.

What will happen: One of her books will be made into a feature length movie one day.

Madeleine Albright (professor, former. Secretary of State, Ambassador, company CEO and Author)
Met her summer 2006 and what struck me first was how stylish and fiercely intelligent she is. In the focus group we were in, she would play that game of "oh I am the old lady here and these issues might be a bit above my head" then suddenly look piercingly through those glasses always perched on her nose to make the most profoundly astute statements or ask the most brilliantly apt questions. What I like most about her is that brilliant smile and incredible energy, hard to believe that she is almost 71. Reading her book Madam Secretary and then interviewing her in DC office was an education. By the way she can do 200 sit ups.

What will happen: what hasn't happened? Latest venture is a new book (Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America’s Reputation and Leadership), which is due out on bookshelves today.

Oyewunmi Oyeronke (professor, scholar, author, princess)
Brainy, sexy, funny, brave, royal academic. Prince O as she is known to close friends is a phenomenon to be experienced. You may start with her many paradigm shifting and gender dogma challenging books. Shaven head hips to slave for, fierce style and engaging passion for life and learning. She is dynamite to be around.

What will happen: you will read her books

Cecelia Sarkozy (pianist, parliamentary official, run away first lady)
Never met her would love to. That is the woman who turned her back on first ladyship, driving her lovelorn president ex husband into a rebound relationship with the younger, look a like, polyandry supporting (he he he), heiress, model and singer Carla Bruini. She finishes it off by taking off into the sunset with her PR guru lover in America. I love it! She must be a truly intriguing woman. In the world where women hang on to power and dead marriages by the skin of their teeth and are awarded unseen medals for the ability to persevere till they become a shell of their wonderful selves, I find Cecelia refreshing and the entire French soap opera tres delicious.

What will happen: sarkozy will marry Carla, whilst pinning away for Cecelia who will run into Obama at a function in New York, he will fall in love with her, leave his wife and marry Cecelia who will become first lady whilst sarkozy teams up with china to start a bitch war with America. No? Oh shoot! Americans are not quite so sanguine about affairs of the heart, sigh!


Chibuzo said...

Good Prayers for them and i think they all have the potential to do much more.. My own prayer for you this year is for you to keep laughing and being extremely happy... PEACE

Oracle said...

Chimamanda is a great writer, I like her too.
Asa is also doing good.

I don't know the other ladies, i guess I'll have to find out

Uzo said...

Asa's album is mind blowingly excellent....Chimamanda is intensely talented...The Ex Ms Sarkozy..well talk about living your best life...

I think this will be a defining year for Mrs Clinton as well

Aspiring nigerian woman said...

Asa's songs are really cool. Chimamandi's books are fantastic.

Noone runs away wiht obama oh! he will stay with his wife and two beautiful daughters and stand as a proud, black "remained married" man

Albright? she don't impress me much. With her education, career and exposure, That is what I will expect... just kidding, she is great!

Anonymous said...

Loved all the women except Cecelia Sarkozy, somethng about her just doesn't quite agree with me.

Som said...

Asa is awesome. her style of music and the messages she passes on are just phenomenal. Sarkozy.......i'm proud of her. Chimamanda is great as well. The rest are cool too. I love Oprah, I know most people will chew off my head for saying this but she represents my dream. would definitely cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for her (big deal for me cos i HATE cooking). I also like condolezza rice. Boy is she smart or what. Forget that she is a white wanna be but she sabi book and i like people wey sabi book. I like the lady that runs the little saints orphanage. Unfortunately i don't remember her name. However those kids always look so well taken care of and articulate. She's great and God will surely bless her.

Ugo Daniels said...

hahahahaha...nice one, though i doubt Obama will be leaving Michelle soon, lol!

Iyaeto said...

Ma'm Albright intelligent woman
Chimamanda intelligent
Asa talented and intelligent
Princess O omo 'we,intelligent

Funmi Iyanda said...

@chibuzo, peace!
@oracle, so you'll be reading the books l take it;-)?
@uzo, l agree but l am yet to meet hence her non inclusion, sarkozy? just being naughty with that one. Workig on my clinton/obama post.
@aspiring nigerian woman, c'mon that sarkozy obama script will make a great mexican soap.

Anonymous said...

just being naughty about the Sarkozy one? I don't think so luv. It was bang on brilliant! Showed it to my mates and they loved it. You'll be suprised how many women are just 'clinging on...'

MissO said...

Ok i guess i'm not the only one that loves sarkozy, i was refering to her in a conversation one day and i almost had my head cut off, anyways i love women that are not afraid to live life to fullest....... By the way great list......

Ahmed T said...

thats quite funny...love the sarkozy bit

Sherri said...

Asa is def going places, she 's a mega talent!

def all women to take notice of.

as for sarkozy, i like her spunk and passion for life, but....

mandy said...

would definatley love to make lunch for chimanda, and ask her were she got her inspiration to write about the Biafran war a subject which is close to my heart as I could have been Biafran...hmm

Anonymous said...

Madeline Albright is a phenomenon, (i hope i got the spelling right) reminds me of my mother. Chimamanda Adichie is a genius - way beyond her peers. Asa - don't really know her but like you said she will win a Grammy. Barack Obama ... hmmmn... always like that with powerful men, women always pay attention even men. Carla Bruni - is that real? To all the women out there making a change in the world be it small, average and big. I say - kudos to y'all. Funmi: Keep on keeping on.

Nigerican said...

I don't want Obama to leave his wife for Cecelia Sarkozy, cus that would make her a home wrecker aka husband snatcher aka evil villan. How bout we just pray she becomes the first lady of somthing else :).

tunde on the road said...

Donno y i shld make comments abt dis write up cos funmi didnt seem t know that men too survive in 2007 abi? me i go ask if no one does,but wait a minute oh she owns dis space so wat can i do than just to ask na ni

Olukunle said...

well..well..well..when r u gonna do a post on "All my boys...(apologies) men"?
Chimamanda is a good writer that can make you turn the pages and u'll be at pg.230 before u know it.
I'd really love to direct the movie: Half of a yellow sun.
Asa is just like Lagbaja'..d masked one' without the costume...so creative and dynamic...
If Cecilia in your dreams could be thinking of entering the Guinness book of Records as being the first woman in the world to be have been married to the French President and the United States President..wake up!

Anonymous said...

Strong women and i pray more women show up too. There're so many out there doing important things and changing lives in the process. We i ask is for them too to be recognized. This year is a great year for you Funmi and every woman of the world.

Well i don't live in naija but i want to ask how is that you have so many faces interviewing one person some times? i find it distracting and less interesting.

Chuka said...

@ Anon who does not live in Naija:

So many faces a distraction? Have u ever watched "The View"?

oludola said...

Asa's eye adaba puts me in high spirits every morning before I leave for work. Her songs are deep and spiritual without necessarily being religious.Her looks belie her strength and talent.Plus she is so natural, the first female I have seen in a long time that is not trying to be someone else.
Chimamanda is cool too.I also truly admire you Funmi for your openness and humility even though I have never met you.Peace.

Anonymous said...

I see the, sade , tracey Chapman, Erika Baddu, Nina Simone all their personality shining through you ASA, A legend in your own right my dear and cannot wait for the coming album.Respect my sista.THANKS FOR BLESSING SA FOR AFRICA DAY.Truelly spectacular.......