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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bedtime conversation with the scrimp

Use your phonics and break the letters into groups, common, spell it.. sudd-en-ly, again, sudd-en-ly! She jumps and squeals as she finally mastered the word, the last on a list of 20. I really, really want to win the spelling contest mama she grins, pink tongue gleaming through the gaps left by fallen teeth. Well darling you just have to keep practicing over and again until you master the words and remember the principles so you can spell even those not on your list.

I know I will win mum, I prayed to God to please please with ice cream and sugar let me win. That's a good idea but it won't happen if you don't practice. But mummy, wont God just help me win? Is he not on my side? He is my darling but you see, He is on everybody's side including Emeka, Atinuke and Chelsea. Oh (wide eyes) so who will he choose? The person who practices the best and understands the principles missy, so, same time tomorrow? Deal? Deal! An hour later, I watch her get into bed and she prays to God to help her work harder to win and to help people who have no money so they can get food to eat and books to read. That's my girl! Hang on, could it be that the little imp has learnt how to tug at the right strings with me? That's my girl!!


Kpakpando said...

Wonderful job you're doing, raising a socially conscious child in that Nigeria.

Iyaeto said...

Kids.Don't we just love them? They sure do know how to tune us like radios. It's true though the trick is constant practice that what I do with my kid's spelling list.

For the love of me said...

It's funny how time flies, I remember reading a column of yours in tempo where you were considering naming ur child Sydney cos she was conceived there or smething.it doesnt seem that long ago and ur girl is already entering spelling competitions. cool.
I miss the tempo days . Do you remember something you did on 'tits'?

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ for the love of me,
wow! you are so right, l remember that article, a watermelon called sydney! yes l too do miss tempo, it was such an innocent time of my life and my hair was effortlessly fabulous. damn that bitch called age:-). Yes l remember my tits article, did 3 on the issue, l have a boob obsession. l wish more editors had the guts of the tempo guys to experiment with unemployable loose canons such as l was.

Juwon said...

You know, whenever you do a piece abt your "little imp", you strike a chord in me that thaws me. I love what you got going with her and sometimes i wish you could feature her more. Its great to see that you got time for her amidst your crazy schedule. Well done, sis.

Sherri said...

did u expect less?
hi five to her jare
well done funmi.

Nonesuch said...

how did the competition go?