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Monday, January 07, 2008

Resolution 2008

What l want: To be consciously happier, healthier, more innovative and brilliant.
How? Feed and pace myself better, exercise more effectively, nurture the meaningful relationships in my life, find a better spiritual equilibrium and continuously learn.
What my inner id says: Bollocks! Aka shio!
What will happen: I will continue to over work, battle sugar addiction, struggle to find balance in life and work, piss off my friends, kiss the frogs and laugh at my own continuous attempts at love, life and happiness.


BroTee said...

This sure sounds great! It is already 7 days into the new year. Hope you're keeping focussed. Cheers.

Flowers and Poetry said...

I applaud you for your remarkable gift of capturing life with words so colorful that I gasp with renewed admiration for you after reading each of your posts. Well done!

Naapali said...

Happy New Year and thanks for continually expanding the context Nigerian Womanhood is viewed publicly.

Nigerican said...

Totally hilarious... love it, sounds like me and my resolutions... so guess what? This year I have NO resolution. I do however have a slogan "Sorry, no I can't" ... used it twice already and it felt soooo good. Good luck on achieveing whatever u're heart desires in '08

Sherri said...

i don't do resolutions o, just commitments(not the mental ward kind o) to goals and passions.

what is it about sugar and women?

MissO said...


Uzo said...

Happy New Year and no resolutions for m,e...Instead i am going with a theme...Fulfillment

Som said...

Nice one. had me a resolution in 2006......no more coke, fanta,malt and every other drink with sugar. lasted 7months. Nothing in 2007 so in 2008 i've decided to try again as i can't continue with the 7 to 10 bottles a day. I need this one so i pray i last a year.
I just saw your show with Asa this morning. I love the lady. Truly inspirational show as Cobham is also amazing. I don't speak yourba but i feel her songs. the ones in English are just awesome. The words......Amazing. Just amazing. Kudos to her. She will surely win a grammy.

Afolabi said...

resoulutions!!! I have one for this year and it's being focused in all I do. Funny enough, time is already wearing away this focus tha I'm trying to have. But I'll persist, and it will stay...

Funmi Iyanda said...

@brotee, focus sha?
@flowers and poetry, eri mi wu o (my head swell o;-))
@naapali ;-)
@nigerian l feel you on that sorry l cant thing. No can be so empowering.
@sherri, na wah o, l totally blame it those damn hormones.
@som, good luck with that battle o and yes asa is awesome. love her!

Anonymous said...

Funmi shewa. O take am easy. Ejo. 2008 is your year!