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Monday, July 30, 2007

We don dey crase again o

Okay l know l said l would hold my piece but this one takes the akara.
Last week, a lady told the story of how she and others were robbed under carter bridge on Lagos island by six burly men, two of whom even felt her up under her appropriate long skirted work suit. A few days later she recognized three of them on duty as policemen at a bank also on the island. Her blood has not defrosted and she is sure as hell not going to report them to the police especially not to a police who's new commissioner in Lagos is combating crime by arresting "indecently dressed" women. If l no laugh l go cry so l beg go read the story on Jeremy's blog.


pumping! said...

I am glad to be the first, things are pretty slow at work today.

I feel really sad about this, you know when the people supposed to protect are the ones committing the atrocities. I can imagine how she will feel when she saw them again knowing that there is really nobody to report to because painfully most of them are the same.

And as for the police commissioner- he is just Mad.

tokotaya said...

it is really sad that people get away with such atrocities and very unfair. i can imagine how she felt too.now who is safe when the very people that r supposed to keep law and order r the very ones breakin it hearing this story makes me feel like breakin someone`s head.meanwhile how r we such they r not plannin to rob the very bank that they protectin soon.we need help in nigeria

Pink-satin said...

only in nigeria really!it is sad

Caleb said...

its sad that our very own 'to serve and to protect people' commit atrocities like this. and now they are arresting 'indecently dressed women' crazy. in times like this i wish Fela were still alive.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@pumping, enjoy the day jare, you know it'll soon pick up, mondays are manic.

@all, what can one do to show intense displeasure at acts such as the commissioners since these injustices pile up and become norm before we know it.

uknaija said...

What about the Covenant University HIV and pregnancy test? Na real wa

luvin' naija said...

Just this morning, I was thinking about how horrible the security situation of this country has become and I must say that I have been out of the internet news cyscle for a while as that's the only place I ever get to read the news. Back to my point, but with no disrespect, I think our politicians and elected or selected officials should get off their 'old' morality horses and deal with more important issues. How can one live in a society where I am afraid to call the police because of an illegal act committed against me because I am afraid the person I could be talking to is the one who did the crime? I think our Nigerian need to get deep into what is important and begin to realise that we need to take responsibility for these situations and act on them. It truly is sad what happened to that woman and in Nigeria, the more unfortunate thing we all do is say it truly is sad and do nothing. If I were the woman, I know I would have publicly accosted him for what he had done not to the knowledge of the surrounding environment but so he has an idea that the 'hidden' things done in the dark do come back to bite you in the morning.

Olla said...

Hi, funmi, why not invite the commissioner to your show and let him explain his action in light of the obvious effects and consequences.
We all might learn something from communicating with each other.
And the only way we could make sense of the madness around us and for those making us mad to actually have the opportunity to make them realise how others feel, just maybe they will ve a rethink.
And pls post the interview as i no dey naija, so Andrews like me could learn.
PS i watched channels TV on Ben and i`m so impressed at the quality,Ben TV can learn a thing,two or ten from em ojare...


Methinks our responsibility to this woman is to see how she can find justice. We have lost our moral compass as a society where those that've sworn to the creed "To serve and protect with Integrity" are flagrantly abusing the law. But to not intervene, not engage, and not seek to confront these malaise in the Nigerian Police Force would be an abdication of our responsibilities!

jjc girl said...

A recent piece called "Fatalism and impunity dealt with the same issue. Wicked people commit heinous crimes with impunity and their victims are totally powerless. I can understand why this woman is afraid to speak out but perhaps she could write anonymously to the authorities, the press and the EFCC and give particulars.

wienna said...

Dis is one of d most heartbreaking stories i've ever read in naija news. However, we can't just keep mute and silent about it. We've to make a stand and raise an aware on d issue. Dis is like making someone to go away with murder.

Anonymous said...

Na wa o! Meanwhile, it was on this blog that I saw the Hafsat clip. She was talking about how President Yar'Adua had said he will dedicate 30 percent of his appointments to women. This has not happened in his cabinet or in the list of Special Advisers he released yesterday... we are back to the status quo with this Men and you guys should be raising the issue o.

funmi said...

@uknaija, presently gathering facts on that as we speak
@olla, we are already on his tail, we will upload part of the interview and begin online transcribes asap. channels TV is a real trouper forging on and up against all odds
@nigeriapolitricks, jjc, wienna, you guys cannot begin to fathom how cowered the average Nigerian is, l can even adequately express it. If l tell you, the many unspoken stories l have been trusted with just because the victim wants to share to maintain their sanity but not have it put it on air, you'll want to le down in external exhaustion.
@anonymous, we are watching and banding together but l tell you l am beginning to pick my battles so stay standing. Hafsat and l are on this however.

GodWin said...

Having been born and bred in Lagos,I must say that the incident you described is not a very rare occurrence.Its always been a common practice that some of these police officers are in uniform during the day and armed robbers at night.Not so long ago,my cousin was brutally murdered at a checkpoint behind his steering wheels while the checkpoint was abandoned.What I heard as a gossip in my childhood was confirmed when Tafa was arrested and jailed.Corruption,murder and 'wizardry' runs from top to bottom in the police.We need someone like Ribadu or Rawlins to cure the 'headache'.

cynthia ugochukwu said...

hi funmi its cool airing my view on in your blog.please funmi one of this days i want you to interview any of this niger delta leaders, please ask them what they do with all the funds they collect from the F.G and please ask why they find plessure wasting their youth in what they know the answer lies in there hands