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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Two ends of the emotional spectrum for me today, yesterday amidst all the confusion, I was told uncle Yinka (veteran, journalist/broadcaster and frontline media consultant) had died. I knew he was very ill but had hoped and prayed he would win the battle in his usually ever upbeat way. I don’t know what to feel really, you cannot describe was a cool, happy and supportive person he was. I still can see him beaming at me mischievously and saying; "Superstar! Come here and gimme a hug before enveloping me in his shake down bear hug. As I said I am a bit numb. Rest in peace uncle yinka.

On a brighter note, my beautiful, smart, funny and talented friend Chimamanda has won the Macarthur genius award, she and was told about it on her birthday but it was officially announced yesterday. It is of course just another of the many great things coming to her for there are few as deserving as herself. Her full potential is only just unfurling and one day will be unleashed on the world. We are kindred in our deep love for our country and even deeper wrangling with the realities of it and our role in that.


Vera Ezimora said...

May the soul of Yinka Craig rest in perfect peace.

Congrats to Chimamanda. I hope to some day win an award for writing. Amen. From my lips (or fingers rather) to the ears (or eyes) of God. Say Amen with me.

Red Eyes said...

bitter sweet...mercy on his soul and we heard that of chima too..this world sef, allof us go go

The Invisible Man said...

Really sad to hear about Uncle Yinka's death, I was on his program a couple of yrs ago.He will be greatly missed.May his soul rest in peace

Yewande Atanda said...

so painful CRAIG died dat way. i pray for him to find lasting peace and hapiness in d right side of the lord (AMEN).
i keep wondering why the phrase 'died in a foreign hospital' keep recurring everytime somebody prominent dies in Nigeria. i strongly think it is high time we restored the lost glory of our hospitals.

meanwhile, congrats to CHIMAMANDA. i think the award is well-deserved.

life is full of ups & downs; bitter & sweet; darkness & brightness; death & life. but we must move on.

uchevelli said...

The news of Uncle Yinka hit me like a tyson blow..cos i just read on one of the dailies a few weeks back that he was improving and had started talking... only for this to happen...i cant just wipe off that smile from my thots... he had this smile that could open the door the every heart...Rest in Peace Uncle Yinka Craig... i always watched AM Express becos of you...and God knows that we are gonna miss you so much.

well, as for chimamanda... the first time i heard that young lady speak...i knew she was going places... the novel is a classic... the way she presented that Biafran story was a whole new dimension... a story told many times by many different people... but she did it her own way with so much style.... i just think she is hot...the sad thing about the whole thing is that...from the bloggs i read everyday... we still have over a million good writers that are still underground, waiting to be discovered or to discover themselves... Chimamanda is an inspiration to many, especially young Nigerians... that it doesn't matter where you are from... you can achieve it if you believe...
Congrats chimamanda Ngozi Adichie...you are the bomb!