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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First an update

How am I holding up so far back at home, you sarcastic people, I know what you are thinking and yes, I have begun to rapidly wilt in the madness but it is madness with method. Take the traffic for instance, do not listen to all the oracles of transportation (everybody has a definite fool proof permutation of timing and routing) who tell you what the best times are to do the commute between the Mainland and the Island, the only thing you need is a lot of patience, mobile entertainment and toilet chikena The thing is, whether or whetherint, you will spend an average of one hour thirty minute getting from Maryland to Victoria Island. On a bad day you may do five hours.

We grumble as we must but deep down I think we are all invested in the believe that, the bridge repairs are a necessity and all of this will soon be over. Beyond all these my hope is that we are never in the sort of situation that caused the 30 year development stagnation, which saw that we did not have more roads, and bridges built in that period. How? By not standing by when someone admits he paid a hire assassin (aka juju man) N500m to dispose of a vexatious boss. This just reinforces my sneaky suspicion that most modern day juju men are having more con that magic. Why bother excise your dodgy juju powers when you can simply spend a minute fraction of your fees arranging a mysterious accident?

Bad leaders thrive usually because of all or any combination of ignorant, complacent, conspiring or conniving follower ship as well as a weak systems and processes of governance. No l won’t start.

Otherwise, I am hanging in there and you know what? I (please stress) know the best times and routes to do the great commute.


Oluwaseun Pelemo said...

Its interesting how long we have been tackling this issue of bad leaders. I still sometimes wonder if we will be able to break of the jinx of this generation's autonomous politics. The system is just a big failure and we need tor rethink the top. Anyway, please share your best times and routes with us ;-)

Anonymous said...

We can hope and pray for change but if we don't act the way that we should, change wouldn't come. Our country is in a mess and has been for years and unfortunately it wont get any better at this rate. If everyone does their part to be responsible - one less bribe, one less plot - it will start a chain reaction that will positively affect our nation.

The question stands, how bad do we want to be better?

ola said...

Welcome back Aunty Funmi! You still havent told us why you ended 'New Dawn', we dey wait patiently :)