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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Now an explanation

I have been threatened, blackmailed emotionally, abused, questioned and prayed for concerning this by people from within Nigeria and without, extending to the most bizarre corners of the world. I was not ready to talk about it until now and I might not tell the entire story until I write that book or our environment is ready, whichever comes first.

So why did I shut down NEW DAWN when it is the highest rated, most watched talk show in Nigeria and in the top 5 overall best TV programme in Nigeria, beaten only by multi talent, big budget family soaps and comedies like the damn Mexican soaps, the addictive Fuji house of commotion and the favoured superstory series. Surely I must be mad…. Well hold that thought, I really must leave now to beat the traffic, I will tell you the truth tomorrow.


emmyz said...

Actually you shouldn't have done that, a whole lot of people get all they needo know from New Dawn, so stopping abruptly is really not a good decision.

Olushola said...

So, the cat came back to shutdown OUR New Dawn ehn? I trust you'll explain. And of course I believe nothing will happen to your blog?

Adewale Ajani said...

I hope you'll eventually let us in as to why you had to shut down New Dawn. You seem to be evading the reason(s) behind your action. I remember watching the last episode: You never gave us a concrete reason. I thought this post would explain going by the title. But once more, the smart you evaded it - hope you weren't caught in the traffic...lol.

Well, your work on New Dawn was and is still very much appreciated.

Wish you more accomplishments ahead.

Anonymous said...

Iya Aje is back! And am I glad!!
How are you? And our little (well not so little)angel?
You've made your decision to shut down New Dawn and I can not question that because knowing the kind of person you are, only a bigger and better project can push u to that choice, abi?
I really wish you the best as u move 'up' to another phase in broadcast journalism and service to humanity, after all what is the essence of being a journalist if u are unable to set trend and be a trailblazer?
I commend your spirit and ability to move on, after outgrowing a project. I wish more Nigerians would embrace that spirit of moving and not holding on even when it is obvious that there are others who can do the same thing in a refreshing and new way ( I am talking about the sit tight syndrome).
Do take care of yourself. And I hope you don't mind that my comment is not longer than the blog o!
God bless you!!

Nonesuch said...

I saw an episode of New Dawn this morning with Laspapi and I was just saying to myself Eureka. This taolk about shutting down New Dawn is all new to me and I don get it. I will look forward to an explanation.