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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I know I know, what's wrong with you Funmi! If you are too busy/pig headed/tired/egoistic/whatever to write a blog or moderate comments, why not just pull it down and stop wasting our time!! Yes yes, I love you too. Na you know why you no just fit say, hey mama, we miss you, things got a little tough hey? Need some TLC?
Anyways I dey kampe for Eko, many something don happen, some good, same bad and some downright nasty but osaro (God dey)! Me I no go fit moderate old posts o so make una no vex. I no go get any less busy any soon but the most pressing wahala don pass so I go post and moderate newly and accordingly.

I hope say una gbadun Easter, we, as heavy jollof people for 9ja just go holiday samsam since Wednesday, I even still dey lethargic now. Some beta place don open for Lagos wey I go yarn you later, some tragic accidents happen wey I no fit begin tell you about now. Shaggy come yesterday and I bin wan go but I tire and lacampaign far well well. Kennis Music celebrate 10th anniversary, abeg follow me beg my friends Keke, D1, St Kenny and Carol, I don go out the night before dance well well, I no fit repeat am next day, agba tide.

The one thing wey the heavy jollof of this weekend show me be say anybody wey still dey play mainly oyinbo pop, hip-hop or rap music for party or club no dey with da program. Me I don learn the whole of 9ICE's CD song to song, word for word. "Photo copy ko easy, you can never be like me, this is my identity", "se ran lo wa wo, tabi jo lo wa jo" are my new favourite catch phrases. That boy has the melodic magic of Snoop and the lyrical artistry of Kanye West rolled into the idiomatic depth of the Dauda Epo Akaras of this world all spewed out of a self affirming, street wise exterior which I sense camouflages a gentle talented soul. Love his work, love it!

Whilst I still dey this kin mood, I no fit yarn you anything other than sheee that BRT post I did? Forget it, the tin get plenty K leg, I go yarn you again later. The other thing I fit tell you be say GO OUT AND BUY THE NEW 9ICE CD NOW! I am totally addicted to GONGO ASO, PHOTOCOPY, ATI JELO, JULE and ADE ORI. I am also feeling Rugged man's RUGGEDY BABA.

BTW, I did interview 9ice, Wande Cole and Banky Wellington last week, each artist has a uniquely admirable story of the journey to stardom and I found out that 9ice had entered a competition on New Dawn years ago and not got a feedback which he held against us, sigh! We get so many emails and letters and we keep improving capacity to cope but alas we fail sometimes, glad I got to clear that one and I swear that young man must be my Ogbomosho cousin, who no like claim beta thing.

The videos will be up tomorrow on the ND website so you can download but I feel truly privileged to know these bold brave artistes. Note in the picture how everyone talks with me with the hands behind the back, tell me, am I really that much of a terror/aje or is my age finally catching up on me? See you tomorrow folks.


Anonymous said...

Has Banky quit his full time job?
Happy Easter in arrears aunty Funmi!

Cheetarah said...

Hey you, some1 had a fun easter!! I LOVE LOVE Banky's music, so shameless is this my love that i joined his facebook group, and will cop the cd on cdbaby:) Yeah I know there was a lack of orginality in Ebutte Metta, but abeg it makes dropping my niece of in st.saviours ebutta metta bearer while driving from lekki, just singing it...
Funmi Im still coming oooh! Will let you know soonish:)
BTW ur dress for HHWA was divine,green suits u!

Anonymous said...

So weird, cus the first thing i noticed when i saw the picture was all their hands behind their backs!!!
No, ur not a terror, just our very own Nigerian Oprah!!!
:-). .
Best wishes!
x x
P.s can i get an internship at new dawn. . for the summer??? I don't want to work in a law firm again!!!
lol. .


u know im on fire no be beans talk gongo aso!!! i love dat dude he got it on lock down!! his cd is on repeat men.

e tie reply text me? na so u busy reach? lol.

NaughtyEyes said...

I love 9ice too esp when I saw him on 2shotz "Make Them Talk". The language thing is a barrier though so I don't get like 90% of the lyrics which is a shame considering the praise he gets for his delivery. He can take a cue from Lagbaja. Checked out the Masked One's site and even saw translations to the lyrics of his songs. Don't blame me! I just love knowing what exactly I'm nodding my head to!

nneoma said...

O my! I don't have any comments relating to this particular post except Happy Easter. But I just want to let you know how much I love your show and blog (just recently stumbled upon it). I just saw your interview on youtube with Asa and it was excellent - I wish I could catch more of your show. (By the way, I am also the oldest and only girl with three younger brothers).

1stpet2v9 said...

@ anonymous 8:53, yes he quit his full time job..

lol Aunty Funmi, its our culture of respect.. and i must confess i've been stalking ur blog for updates...

thanks 4 updating

Naija Web Developer said...

Funmi is terrific...now ur blog is going pidgin!

We dey follow you...

wienna said...

Anti Funmi, happy easter to u and your family o. Se u don't know that you carry a crown of respect and honour? Even me sef wey never see you for face b4, wey dey leave comment for your blog dey call you anti or sis.

Funmi Iyanda said...

ntop@anonymous, download the interview today and you'll know;-).
@hey cheetarah, you will love banky more when you know the origin of that song, watch the interview. any time you are ready l dey kampe. you feel that dress huh? thanks.
@anonymous 1.08.00, a lot is set to change for us in the next 8 months but yeah why not, send an application in, we could use the best brains we can find.
@36, meeen, na so oh, ldont know how l get it all done but yes l am truly busy, l even missed the last set of performances for VM, l thought l replied that text though. one day sha we go hook up.
@naughtyeyes, you know l was thinking that same thought today that the depth and wealth of 9ice lyrics needs to be translated for non yoruba speaking fans. even when he is talking rude, he is lyrical and idiomatic. l'm sure he will do something about it soon.
@nneoma, awesome, that means you will have no over arching fear of or fascination with men, sebi na you wash their "bumbum" and (stage whisper) women can sometimes mess with your head so no female influence can be good. okay okay gals just kidding.

Habeeb said...

9ice is indeed a unique artiste although am not a big fan and i aint feeling Banky w either, thats just the truth. But 9ice is bearable.

wellsbaba said...

KAI! i was first to comment on dis post yesterday but it ended up not appearing....anonymous ow u dey now?naw u take my place ,so u dey reach auntie funmi blog too?
its true ooo...d trio have their hands at their back! i guess auntie funmi u jst command an air of respect plus u got dis stern look that just communicates ur firmness n definiteness of purpose! wande cole was dat boy next door i knew in unilag dat has got stuff but u dont take him serious(cos u neva knew he was gonna blow big!) he's a chocolately richness of talent.he dances,raps n his voice is off the hook(ONLY when he sings oo)
NICE mehn....he's too "musssh" jo! frends of mine in far away australia asked me bout gongo so last year even before it hit big here! i respect him for his originality(something I think every right thinking 9ja artiste must have),creativity n dynamism.
banky w is quite talented but he's still knew on d 9ja music scene so I dont wanna give him much credit4now
auntie funmi,i admire you alot! n one of d reason is that you are closing in on 40(not that you are that old anywais...lol) but you still understand n comprehend our kinda music(asiko(time) our youth re oo)

Ifeomaadiagwuagwu said...

aunty mi, no be say u don age kpa, kpa. but to be say na respect o. e no easy, abi u no, no say, "u be de oprah winfrey of nigeria," na true talk be dat o.

na becos we no dey appreciate as nigerians, if not, "who sai," nobody fit see ur back for dis entertainment buisness.

o, u no, no say u be kind person, wey dey try to dey reach out to anyone, wey wan ur assistance.

hmmmmmmmm... ebe like say my aunty funmi, never sabi wey her level, come reach. abeg, maybe u fit employ me as ur publicist kwo pr. na dem u go sabi say, how ur popularity reach.

"true. i no dey lie. chineke nna dey see me so, as i dey type, so."

aunty funmi, my dear sis, more jeleen to ur elbows, abeg, keep it up. we need u for dis our generation, no be small. na u get courage dey talk wetin some of us no fit talk - ato, nwannem.

may i just leave u, o jare. if not, i go use all de space, tell u all the improvements wey ur show "new dawn" come dey gi de general public.

i salute u once again, my dear sister, may u no gi up, we dey for ur back, dey hail u.

starting from now, "i hail o."

omidanbellafricaine said...

Ok so I do not know much about Banky. However I am familiar with Wande and 9ice's work and I respectfully submit (with hands behind my back) that they ain't all that. I have major issues with 9ice's nigerian girls HABA! He just trashed Nigerian girls all over. The track was full of stereotypes about different ethnic groups, and borderline disrespectful to women. Nigerian girls are scheming, into juju, materialistic, phony, godless, going to hell, have ugly facial marks yet you love them kinda similar to "I love my bitches" lines that you get from hip hop. Benevolent sexism
There were some clever rhymes but the hook "No matter where you from, no matter who you be you gotta love nigerian girls" not so clever

On Wande, The tracks he produced with D'banj (apart from mobo lowo wan) were not so good either e.g. Move your body was kind of awkward too much drama in the beginning made the inability of the track to deliver too apparent. The chant "move your body kokolets" sounded amateurish/juvenile and was over used.
I thank God for Lagbaja, Asa, Ayuba on days like these.

Whole Truths said...

I av no Idea what the Lad's saying Funmi! But that song kills everyone on the dancefloor each time it's plaid!! it also doesn't hurt that he's a real cool guy too!! Gongo Aso everybody!!!

omidanbellafricaine said...

Stcheew! smacking myself sorry mode nine did the track not nice my brain was taking a lapse sorry for the error

cleo.kelvin said...

well as for nice cd is cool and ebutemetta yet to listen to it cxos de first day i heard didnt appreciate it so wud re visit it
and de hands crossed can mean many things dat is respect and u know de rrest anyways its normal duer to ur popularity and stuff hey wats up wit ur mentor programme and ur pidgin its cool
yhey we are no longer on strike wud miss ur show and blog for sometime but anyways wud catch up

Uzo said...

Can i brag and say i know one of these men and he is incredibly sweet and hot and his voice is like warm honey on a cold day...

Let me stop now...

I confess i dont like Gongo So even though it follows me everyday....

How do you feel about a lot of people calling you Aunty? I just read the comments and find that interesting..M just curious...

Funmi Iyanda said...

@wellsbaba, no mind that mutiu who sorts out the comments before posting (kai wey l wan get time to do all by myself except write and moderate comments) l suspect say he don dey take bribe, we go call hon Elumelu and co to probe am:-).

@habeeb, I LOVE 9ICE! Even got my acada best friend dancing. cant be everyone's taste sha but anybody wey der hear yoruba and appreciate melody wey no like 9ice, l begin take corner eye look am o.

@ifeomaadiagwuagwu (what is the correct pronounciation of your surname babe?), l dey feel you, my head dey swell.

@omidanbellaafricaine, l for fear. was condering if we were talking about same artiste but l know what you mean about hip hop and rap music and the denigration of women. However with art, one must be careful not to be rabidly joyless about the finer lines of subversion which can stifle creativity. These artistes may not be beethoven or the great Fela (who if we are critical was sexist) but they sing about the gritty crealities of their time, experiences and triumphs or failures with melody and talent defying all odds. l like their truth at a time when young people are being beaten into vapid and bland conformity. What l yearn to see are their female equivalent who will abandon all pretense to appropriateness to truthfully, tunefully and creatively sing about the angst, pain, idiosyncracies, triumphs and failings of the young female Nigerian of today. Remember this is pop art not existitentialism.
@cleo, we are restructuring for efficiency luv, soon all will be clear.
@uzo, c'mon, tell us more, no teasing here:-). Aunty Funmi? (impish smile) l LOVE IT.

Ebiuwa said...

Funmi i will ask a question please,are u from Benin?cos i read u said Osaru(God dey)...Na wah if u be benin & u speak Bini o...lol
Nice one & keep it up wit wat u do.I will never fail to watch u on tv & check yur site & blog 4 d latest 411...Yur blog are so real compare to others that write stories.Nice pidgin english journal o...Big Ups ma.

Anonymous said...

I thank God i have met them in person.Banky W is d New Yorker & been a nice friend all this years,Wande Coal was wit D'banj & Don Jazzy 4 d Nigeria Reunion in Texas last year & met 9ice last December/Jan in Naija thru his wife to be Toni payne.Aunty Funmi na u ooooooooooooo...dey go fear na,u're a big sis to them all,so they got to show u d respect.Yur questions go even move rock self...lol

Pumping! said...

9ice is tight and was particularly tripped when i saw the video of ruggedy Baba and they translated pioneer to opomulero..
Wande coal is also good, like his voice and attitude.
Their just very respectful yoruba young men thus their hands at the back. I am sure their mothers wld be proud.

Anonymous said...

I like the Wande Coal interview ...he looks really humble... I wish him well

Bhookey said...

awww respectful young men, with their hands at their backs and all, awwwwwwww i need to watch interview asap, i love all 3!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well i think they just seem to be respectful.. It shows they were hae proper home training. Even Wande kept saying yes ma.. although Banky's yes ma'am is how we americans say it ... I have never been a fan of new dawn not until this shows.. but i must highly comend ur effort Aunty Funmi.. Good job...,lots of love..

Anonymous said...

men dis uys get respect ooo.. but no bi joke or am i trying to be tribalistic yoruba people get respect sha. although some that have money affluence and live abroad forget norms culture and customs

Today's ranting said...

Very nice dudes. Seems you kinda scared them ooo.See their hands for their backs. lol!

Solitude said...

OMG.. i was going to say the exact same thing.. First thing I noticed was Banky's hands behind his back.. haha!