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Monday, February 04, 2008

No comment

Yes l know, the match. Can we please not talk about it, why yes lets talk about it actually and l have only one sentence to say SACK THE FUCKING COACH ALREADY! Okay maybe two sentences, SACK THE FUCKING NFA!! In fact why stop there, isn't the bloody football just a mirror into a larger problem, the elephant in the room? Too pissed off about too much to be coherent so I am hunkered down on my desk furiously working, sometimes l ask my self, to what frigging end? So l can drive a jeep whose windows l dare not wind down then go home to sleep eyes wide shut in a fortified monstrosity only to wake up to hours of productivity sapping traffic, in an unliveable city where everyday, anywhere, anytime, you stand a 15% chance of being shot? Everyday l listen to ASA'S fire on the mountain and l wonder if everyone else feels the same urgency. As l said, maybe this is not the mood to be writing.

Meanwhile, best moment from the match yesterday was when a usually calm, collected and polite friend saw Nsofor being brought in; he jumped up from his seat swearing NSO FUCKING FOR! WHAT CAN HE FUCKING DO!! We all laughed but silently I thought, what indeed can one man do?


2ndCorin5:17 said...

ah.... (weakly) all i can say is I feel u.... Gosh....

PS: I'm listening to Asa right now too... its calming and in many ways sad

Asabe said...

Today is the day after and like your title says no comment but i can't help but call for the heads of the entire NFA. The truth is whether we like it or not our football playing days are over and unless we come to terms with that fact we are just going to keep going round in circles and quiet honestly i don't think a foreign coach is the solution. There are too many greedy crooks and unprofessional "administrators" who see this game (football)in the NFA as a money spinning venture where nobody asks accountablity questions regarding the managing of the entire NFA.
We only hear them make noise when somebody don chop money by himself .
This is a big shame to NFA, Nigeria, how does the NFA justify the huge salary paid that white man for doing nothing.
I no wan talk too much as my hair de plait dada.

Pumping! said...

I was very sad ytdy. In fact everybody was sad, even the hairdresser refused to make my hair.
The funny thing is that there was really nothing extra ordinary about the Blackstars. You kno their second goal we were actually just staring at the ball all the defenders. No one was marking their men.
I don;t even think NFA was a t fault this time they paid all their bonuses but our REFEREE.(Ki olorun ma so-cos i am sure if he comes to naija now its customs that would bear him at the airport.

they were down to 10men and we were still playing rubbish.

Nice one Nso-Fucking-for.

Nigerican said...

Soweey bout the outcome... not a soccor fan but i did hear about the shame. U should intreview the coach... ask him how he feels, what he would have changed, and dose he ever plan on winning a game... that should be a good show. Lol i'm messin with u... i just want u to yell at him live on the air and say "what the F@#K is wrong with u"... expressing u'reself and the thots of many. It will be well in JESUS name.

Pink-satin said...

ehn!funmi u are using the F-word!u must be really pained o-lol

Pink-satin said...

ehn!funmi u are using the F-word!u must be really pained o-lol

Yinka said...

Its a big shame, couldn't face up to my Ghanaian colleague today after rubbishing the Black Stars last Friday.

Anonymous said...

Through the first round, I was having a go at the boys: "Too posh to play, not hungry enough etc etc"
But looking at the Ghana game, there was a clear lack of leadership. Dunno where leadership was supposed to come from but it was missing anyways. On their part, the boys gave it a reasonable shot.
Abi how else could one explain it. We have more big league players than we've ever had (i guess?) and we can't even have a decent run. Na wa o.

Anonymous said...

na wah oh!

Naapali said...

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I never got to see any of the games, time difference and the fact that the frenzy here was for Superbowl. I did know we lost and had to listen to every Ghanaian in our establishment (and they are many!) rub it in.

It is okay to scream and shout. i respect you for the courage you show speaking out in a room where everyone seems deaf and lost. Your voice is not lost and I hope you recover from this stronger and continue to talk. We are listening.

MissO said...

Ok, i remember the last soccer game i watched it was Nigeria playing some country, i can't remeber the name but i think it was the african cup, and i think we almosst made it but we ended up loosing. It was right after we won the olympic. That day i cried awlful cause i so wanted Nigeria to win but we lost.. Well ever since then i lost hope in our nigeria football team, but what i don't understand is why is everybody suprise that nigeria lost, i woluld have been shocked if they won, they were playing against Ghana.. Come on folks...
Miss Funmi what i would like for us to look into is the fact this players, when they are playing for their clubs, they are dam well good players, so why is that they can't be good players for Nigeria... Now thats something the need to look into...

Anonymous said...

*HISS* The "Super" Eagles indeed!! I agree with everything you said Funmi...VOgts must go!!..Asabe, i disagree with you though, our football playing days are far from over... how can they be with all the talent we have on our team? I still think Nigeria is blessed with the most talented bunch of players in the whole of Africa( yes i dare say it)but individually,i dont know what it is, maybe na ego or na money but they lack chemistry as a team. they are definitely not like the Super Eagles of the olden days. RIDICULOUS is how they played yesterday!!!!!!! Freakin Ridiculous!!! i dont understand how they can be "top" players for their EPL and co teams but cant summon anything for their own home country?? SHAME!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@all, sufficiently recovered to function today, you and l know the issues are deeper than coach or players but more about the systems, values and the people these throw into authority. For me, the pain is deeper than football, it is perhaps a reminder of all that is wrong in so many other aspects of our lives. l wouldn't despair so much if l honestly thought we are on the track to fixing these problems but l don't so like so many others l am hoping that like that bloody game we succeed in spite of ourselves.

Juliana said...

I feel you but I am of the opinion that this coach is a bad image for glo as a product and is about time they hands off or we will campaign that Nigerians boycott their network. Those that already have the line will not recharge or throw the damn sim away.
How can anybody support our enemy? This man came and killed the only thing that does not know religion, ethicity, color or creed.
NFA needs entire cleansing but who will do it? Yar'Adua has his headache waiting for the tribunal to decide his fate so the man no get our time abeg.
Interesting blog keep it up. This is my first time of droping comment though I have been reading you and following your programme on TV.
Well done jare!

Anonymous said...

It seems that I am cursed when it comes to football.

Being English I have to support a bunch of overpaid, undermotivated, uninspirational primadonna's.

I marry a Nigerian and come and live in Lagos hoping to revel in some of the glory of the "Giants of African everything"......and what do I end up with:

2 sets of overpaid, undermotivated, uninspirational primadonna's!

Somebody show me some heart, fight, commitment and urgency!

Let's hope we see some change from both countries as the choice for number 1 country for my kids at the moment is not looking good!

Anonymous said...

Haba funmi, i thought you went on a break after the bout with another driver sometime ago, ve being reading ur blog for a while and it seems you are gradually being sucked in badly(baje baje).
U r passion personified chei, i no wan see ur vex, but ur love go sweet.(if u get time)
I`m considering some job offers but u dey make me dey wonder...

Juwon said...

I feel you. Its much of a muchness. The problem is bigger than the match. Its a reflection of a sad state of affairs. I feel you, Aunty.
Where do we go for help? We are sick. We need a physician.

Sherri said...