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Friday, February 08, 2008

Hot To Trot

Whilst I am at it, this is my shortlist of hottest Nigerian celebrity men; I will expand as we go along.

The boundless, mad energy, the sense of fun and adventure and the vulnerability it all seeks to hide.

Chukwuma Soludo
The audacity of the reform, the aloofness, the focus and the reawakening that the insistence on being called Chukwuma reveals.

Dele Olojede
The eloquence, the talent, the Pulitzer and whatever he had that got Ama Ogan to marry him and stay by his side all these years.

Fine boy, fine, committed, hardworking player. What’s not to like?

Wole Soyinka
Been a groupie for so long, don’t know when to quit but then this is Soyinka we are talking about.

Kelechi Amadi Obi
Lawyer, artist, photographer, gentleman, genius.

The body, the voice, the sound, the scars, I even forgive him his oyinbo wife just because he looks like he truly loves her which is always a plus and because Heidi Klum is a fun drop dead beauty.

Chiwetel Ejiofor
Did you see him own that tranny role? Fierce! A command of the stage, the silver and the small screens, such talent, manners and gorgeousness.


Abimars said...

I became a huge Seal fan when I watched him and Heidi on Oprah, he was the epitome of a gentleman, you could also see how much they love each other, it wasn't the usual celebrity love but a warm deep down feeling... the icing on the cake was when Oprah (as usual) surprised him by finding his foster family and he broke down in tears, that sealed (pardon the pun) it for me, lol

Anonymous said...

ha ! ur list ain`t complete without ur one and only......
(did i mention my name?)

Olukunle said...

well, your lsit cannot be faulted. Wole Soyinka and D'banj would also feature on my list too

Anonymous said...

i love kelechi amadi!the guy is full of talents..his pictures are outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Why would you have to forgive someone an oyinbo wife? He looks like he truly loves her?? As opposed to what?

Let yourself down in my eyes with that comment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Odemwengie - fine, fine boy, no pimples.

I like him very much.

Toni Payne said...

Chiwetel is a hottie..

Anonymous said...

Kelechi Obi is truly talented, Chukwuma is a super geek and Dele Olojede writes so brilliantly. These Nigerias are amazing and it's another reason to be proud

Fausset said...

chinwetel is definately a hottie and his role in american gangster was hott..check out adewale akinnuoye-agbaje, i think he should also be included.

Eunice said...

Chiwetel is a fantastic n versatile actor... but my husband isn't having any of dt...cos of his drag queen role in "kinky boots"...which I on d oda hand thot was a well interpreted role.... lol

I want 2 throw in a question here..."why are 9ja men so homophobic ... almost all d guys I know R"... not dt I support d life style but as long as it's not affecting my well being in any way... I can't honestly b bothered!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@abimars, didnt see that episode and l tell you l had that feeling about him right from his crazy video, that mixture of strength and sensitivity.
@anonymous 5.06, mwaaah!
@pink and yinka, yes kelechi is great and he is a loving husband to boot.
@anonymous 2.56, his oyinbo wife as opposed to me, get a grip, the whole peace is a joke!
@fausset, have the talented adewale within my sights just waiting for him to blossom fully.

Funmi Iyanda said...

@eunice, me sef l tire o! the man played a role and excellently too, has nothing to do with his own sexuality. But then na so my people be, the actor who played toyin's husband in the first superstory series used to get pelt with water in the market for being wicked to his wife :-).

Anonymous said...

U know, one day I just decided to type in my surname in a browser to see how popular it was. Imagine my surprise when I saw Chiwetel's name! Just getting to learn about him but I guess he's ok giving the reviews I hear about him.
For once I'm glad I have at least one claim to fame: we share the same surname. OK! Mooning over... Time to MAKE MY OWN NAME POPULAR!!

Uzo said...

Interesting list...I lie Seal a lot, young Odemigwe i just kept screaming at during the Nations Cup (dont kill this boy for me...irrational yes), d'banj i fell in love with in a - what a talented young energetic man this is way....amazing performer...Chiwetel Ejiofor - hotness

Your list is intellectual hotness...

laspapi said...

looked up and down this list, then round and behind it. You'd better update this list with my name

cleo.kelvin said...

well de guys luk cool esp d'banj, odemwingie fine guys and love wat de do then chukwuma and soyinka are genuises always wud be in history while ooze out talent and gift.