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Friday, May 11, 2007

Saints and sinners all

So Paul Wolfowitz is figuratively caught pants down huh? Pity really, l do like the man, the World Bank is not one of my favourite institutions but Wolfowitz had recently inched towards slightly more progressive policies in the area poverty eradication. Now as a Nigerian, l am inclined to say abeg what is the big deal about giving your girlfriend and her pal a juicy leg up (no pun intended)? That is not only acceptable behaviour here, it is an unspoken law cast in iron and sworn on an oath to Ogun (my people no dey fear to lie to God but dem dey fear the gods well well). In fact as one friend of mine once
said, if a married boyfriend does not "settle" you ika ni (he is desperately wicked). Which explain why my good friend Nuhu Ribadu who usually has an evangelistical fervour with sticking to the letter of the law (l beg no involve me in the controversy of the notorious list, l no know book) was quick to support him. Wolfowittz knows that he operates in a different world where the law and the systems are superior to the individual, one in which Blunkett had to resign because of a tiny favour a married girlfriend.

Even as l concede that one should not expect people in high political office to be saints, l do understand why such indiscretions are not tolerated. It is the issue of equity or the appearance of equity in all things. Zero tolerance means people try harder because it is so easy to degenerate to open nepotism, favouritism and blatant abuse of power that is our national mantra. Paul Wolfowitz knows this, which is why his 2ic has already resigned. It is not about sexual morality, it is about equity and protection of institutions of trust. I still think Wolfowitz is cute.

Have a vice free weekend or at least don't get caught.


catwalq said...

I must have left abouth three different comments on this issue all over the place.
Maybe I have been disillusioned about these things because there is absolutely no sense of decorum amongst our people about private conduct but I want to know what the big deal is.
By all codes of extramarital/adulterous/sleeping-with-older-guy conduct, Wolfowitz has conducted himself in a very becoming way. Infact, he should be proud. I mean,from all indications, the lady sounds like she is young and of asian descent; thus, i am guessing (using my features mixer) she will be a cross between Aishwarya rai meets Afghan girl. Tres belle. He on the other hand...not so much.
He has a pretty girl to keep him company, she throws in a little sexual acrobatics and he rewards her with a promotion and a huge raise. Contract fufilled and upheld.
If any Nigerian complains, I will, like to ask them to weed out all the mistresses to our Governors, senators, ministers and even as low as the security guards. The ones to our leaders are living off our country's money.
At least Wolfowitz gave her advancement in a field she probably deserved.
Not that I am condoning anything. I am just amused at the outrage.

Afolabi said...

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Anonymous said...

hi fumi,U ROCK!......kisses

Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

the big deal is fairness and his position. he is the leader of the world bank which goes around policing other countries about their corruption.

and he's just as corrupt as those his organisation points fingers at.

Anonymous said...

hello fumni. This is not related to this topic. i posted this on http://ww
w.stella-dimokokorkus.blogspot.com/. I think that you rock and i love the way you dress. Can you tell me where you get your African attires from?

Anonymous said...

Just because it's acceptable in Nija doesn't make it right everywhere else. Also, how can the World Bank demand accountability from receiving countries if the president's acts are questionable?
I was personally disappointed with our honesty Czar myself and I'm beginning to reconsider those accusations about being Bab's tool.


Paul Wolfowitz ascension as the President of World Bank is the height of hypocrisy, considering the fact that he crafted the policy of "pre-emtive srike" that have now mirred the United States armies in Iraq and resulted
in thousands of children and mothers suffering today. It is appalling that while the World Bank functions as an international organization that fights poverty by offering developmental assistance to middle-income and low-income countries, the head of this orgarnisation was offering promotion and generous pay rise to his gilfriend.
What has Paul Wolfowitz done for poor African countries? His anti-corruption policy at the bank unfairly victimized the poor in certain countries and resulted in lip-service government entity in fighting corruption like the "EFCC" in Nigeria.
Not surprised that small minded Nigerians like Nuhu Ribadu, are quick to jump in the fray by writing op-eds in support of Paul Wolfowitz. Doling out government largasse are favorite past times to Nigerian government officials and their apparatchiks' and ofcourse they will be glad to welcome Paul Wolfowitz into their ilks - since millions of dollars of small loans to African governments from the World Bank never gets to their intended recipient; they are stolen by African government oficials!

tps360 said...

Well not exactly. But nonetheless he has once again proved that he is an unethical liar. He has helped his girlfriend Shaha Ali Riza obtain a job at the State Department that pays her more than Condoleeza Rice. Now in and of itself this may mean nothing as it seems that Ms. Rice is obviously not being overworked.

Wolfowitz is the president of the World Bank and was the Director of Policy Planning at the Dept. of Defense that helped frame and manipulate the justifications for war with Iraq. He is also the architect of the foreign policy of the Bush Administration known as the Bush Doctrine.