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Monday, May 21, 2007

From push to pull

So l am back. I am in that slightly stupified but warm and fuzzy place where your heart, soul and brain have been persuaded into higher ideals and possibilities which you struggle to snuggle up to even as the external forces of present realities threaten to yank you out still born, unbiblical cord first. I spent last week at the serene Volta hotel in Akosombo Ghana with my ALI African Leadership Initiative classmates and moderators looking at globalization especially how it affects Africa and whether Africa should ride or buck the rampaging bull. It was as usual an uplifting and enriching intellectual process one that l smiled wryily about yesterday as l sat as judge at Ade Bakare's young designers’ competition and fashion show just 3 hours after landing at Muritala Mohammed airport. The seeming wide extremes of my existence. In the following weeks perhaps we can have conversations about many aspects of globalization and Africa but the thing about going for the ALI experience (for that is what it is) is that l impose a no news, no work, shut out the world rule on myself. l only make calls once a day to check on the shrimp and my peeps, no one is allowed to call me unless there is a coup (tufiakwa!) so l trully have no idea of what has transpired in Nigeria or the world as it affects me or Nigeria in the past week. I’m afraid to open the floodgates and find out. Okay l know Chelsea won the FA cup finals and the British were messing with Mourinho's dog (playa haters!) but thats about it. So in the interest of democratic new pull media (old media push info at consumers, new media pull from consumers, capish?), can you tell me 5 top things l should know about? Anything from the mundane to the fundamental, you tell me, l react. As you can tell, this is a cop out, l really just want to get a few hours of shut eye


Anonymous said...

A) Obj cried cos he is leaving without Stella.
B) Obj prayed that may Goodluck not be like Atiku & there was a resounding Amen.
C)OBJ said he never wanted third term .
D)Gov of Adamawa cried for 16minutes retelling his travails for being loyal to Atiku.
E) El Rufai said PDP Chairman abused him for demolishing his mansion.

Cheetarah said...

I tot u were gonna do a piece on Isabelle Blow passing?
I dont know whats going on in the world apart from my secret plan of world domination(wicked evil cartonon character lafta)
but seriously doe Im starting up a music blog and I was wondering if you would like to take part, If u read my last post it will kind of give u a feel of what im talking about. It could be reviews or just what ur feeling about a song or an artist interview. My email is cheetarah7@gmail.com. Let me know if your interested and will email u once its ready to be in motion,ta

Toks- Boy said...

Funmi- Chelsea deservedly won the FA Cup. Surely that is all you need to know. All is well with the world. No wahala. Chelsea Rules.Ok?

MsMak said...

You should know, by the way, that Uncle Oby, aka Baba Jay, aka OBJ gave himself a farewell present in the form of the PH refinery, under the guise of a sale to a conglomerate consisting of Dangote, Otedola (Zenon Oil0 and Transcorp.

Funny how these same names keep coming up time again in the fire-sales of government property. This same PH refinery that others have been placing bids for for years, and have had the exercise cancelled like, thrice already.

I dont remember Uncle Oby ever relinquishing his 200 million naira worth of shares now? Tut Tut.

Yummy Mummy said...

Hello Funmi, Just got into the blogging world last week and am loving it!! Love your blogs...

Just have 4 topics which appear particularly interesting. They include:-

The quest for Camilla to become Queen. 90% of British people say no!! Why do these people continue to hold on to this monarchy?? They are seriously becoming outdated IMHO!!!

A campaign is on to stop a TV documentary on child sex abuse in the Catholic church being aired in Italy. The church denies it claiming it is slanderous. There is no smoke without fire!!

The Chinese government is providing the largest amount of aid ($10bn) to Africa. I say what's the catch?? Just hope we're not selling our birthright!!

Ground breaking news for France is a woman of North African origin (Rachida Dati) has just been elected the new French Justice minister by newly-elected President Sarkozy.

That's it for now...

Ugo Daniels said...

The breaking news now is to get ready for the UEFA Champoins leaguefinal of finals tomorow at Athens Olympic Stadium! between Liverpool and AC Milan.

I'm predicting Milan to win by 2-1.
btw, am a chelsea fan. Blues Rulez!!!


Glad Obansanjo, a corrupt, visionless Nigeria's president is leaving office, back to Otta Farm on May 29th!
Glad Tony Blair is leaving office on June 27th!
Glad Paul Wolfowitz is quitting the World Bank for good on June 30th!
Glad George Bush is leaving office 608 days from today (I seriously wish it was sooner)!
Glad I will be LMAO when they are all gone!!!
Isn't God getting rid of the bag eggs in our society? I truly believe that!

Tayo said...

Funmi Welcome back. What did you bring for us? lol. Here's what I have:
1. Nupeng and Pengasang are starting a strike in 2 days time to protest the sale of PH refinery to persons with no track record in Refining. So fill up your car tank now.
2. ASUU remains on strike
3. First Bank launches PO and Rights Issue at N33&N31 per share respectively. If you want to buy, do so quickly as there're strong indications it'll be oversubscribed.
4. Buhari and Atiku's lawyers denied access to election materials by INEC, despite a tribunal order that they be given access.
5. Idols West Africa finals to hold next Saturday. Eric was voted out last week, Temitayo was voted out this week leaving Timi and Omawumi to contest for the grand prize.

That's it.

pepski lala said...

Funmi have you seen the comments on bella naija's blog?about you?

Ogoja Princess (aka Mama) said...

hey funmi, pele oh...

1. Mourinho's dog is safe and sound but exiled in Portugal.
2. Police say hopes are fading for missing 4yr old Madeline McCann. Please visit CalabarGals blog for more info on this.
3. British High Commission have increased their visa application fees to naira equivalent of £200
4. I cried when Chelsea won, as a Man U fan....
5. Gordon Brown cant stop grinning. Please pray for us and our taxes oh!

Funmi Iyanda said...

@ all, okay peeps, watch out fo my one liner answers post coming up shorty.

@cheetarah, wil email you by week's end.

TRAE said...

funny how everyone's 5 top things is defined by their individual interests. it just goes to show the importance of personal value judgement in shaping public news. sorry, i've been missing in action too...so no list from me.